Boyfriend And His Parents Reject Idea Of Me Being Pregnant

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J - March 21

I feel so alone, these are people who made me feel like they Might of liked me once, Now im pregnant and his parents blame me , saying I proabably tried to get pregnant, My mom is very supportive, she loves me and said she would help me in anyway she could, she talked with my boyfriends dad and he said he WAS NOT going to make his son put his life on hold for me or this pregnancy, I feel so rejected and cant believe that grown up parents to my boyfriend would feel this way, its like they are giving him an easy out for gettng me pregnant and supporting his lies he has been telling me alot lately, we have been together for a year and half, he has recently been acting diffrent, even before I got pregnant, Im 6 weeks preg, and he acts as though he could care less about me or the baby , im so shocked that anyone could be this way, im thankful that I have my parents though to support me thru all this but im so hurt at the reality that he is running from it all now and his parents are helping him do that, they were very very rude to my mom over the phone about all this , I wish the public knew what kind of people these are because they put on their "RIghteous" act in the public, I know that no good can come to a family who think this way about me and their sons baby.


Friend - March 21

Keep your chin up, dont let those NO GOOD sorry uncaring people make you feel isolated, one day they have to live with their words of rejection to you, life has a way of biting us back when we do those kinds of things, Bad carma will come their way for being such uncaring A Hole's ....


Audrey - March 21

J- Your boyfriend is obviously being influenced by his parents to the degree that he doesn't care any more. He is as much responsible for this as you are, and if he won't fess up then he's being selfish. You can nail him for child support if he's over 18, but if not you can try to sit down with his parents and talk about the matter responsibly. Best wishes!


J - March 21

They are probably going to diss me while im pregnant and while their son is having his life and playing football in highschool enjoying his life im going to be having a baby and dealing with REAL life, then when its born they are going to selfishly come around wanting to be a part of the babys life when during pregnancy they could of cared less about me or the baby. its all bout money to them though, im sure they are freaking because they probably know I can get child support from them if not from their 17 year old son. I wish I had some legal advice on just what I could do , im honeslty not even sure I want him to be a part of the babys life any now because of the rejection he has shown me and what his parents have done thus far, why should they get to reap the rewards of a new baby when they shunned me while pregnant?


Julia - March 21

Well first thing i would do is find a lawyer. You can get free legal counsel for your situation. You need to contact your local Human Services Dept. or the local Legal Aid. He should have to help you financially at least. And as far as his parents.............that is not what i call parents.......I would not that bother me. You are carrying a blessing and dont need any more stress than that. I think it is GREAT that your family is there for you. You hold onto that and not worry about him or his family being a part of the babys life. They are the ones that will suffer later on. Good luck and God Bless. email me anytime [email protected]


to the one named s___t - March 25

girl you need to grow up or get out! people do not come on her to be b___hed at they come on her for advice and as for yourself im gonna laugh one day when your dumb a** goes through something alot worse its called carma maybe you should look into it!!!


liz - March 25

Congrats I wish it was me I want preggo so bad. All I want is sperm I don't want a lover just a baby.



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