Breast Feeding

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mina - March 31

How long after giving birth can you br___t-feed?


Audrey - March 31

Mina- You can start right away after giving birth, which is recommended because b___st milk has nutrients and antibodies in it that the baby needs. Some people will tell you to switch to formula after 6 months, but a friend of mine b___st-fed her second child until she was a year old. It depends on how much patience you have. :)


mina - March 31

yeah, thanks, but what i mean is for how long will i be able to b___st feed? because i know about a girl whose mother b___st feeded her until she was 6 years old :S i will have milk forever??


Mommy2Kylie - March 31

That can happen, as long as you're brestfeeding your supply will stay there. Its recommended to b___stfeed until age 2, but the choice is up to you! Good luck with it :)


becca - April 1

im b___stfeeding and you start not long after you give birth and the more you b___st feed the more milk will come in mommy2kylie- really until there to i didnt no that i thaught is was like 6-8 months


genesis - April 1

it reccomended for just a year, after that it wont really do much u should feed whole milk


Nile - April 1

You can b___st feed RIGHT after brith beacause it got all the right stuff in it for the baby My mother b___st fed me { Iam not embra__s to say that my mam b___st fed me !} so any way if you are pregnant Good luck!!


mina - April 2

okay, thanks!


becca - April 4

i want to stop b___st feeding paris at 3 months is this too soon??


Cathy - April 5

Actually it is recommended by the WHO (world health organization) that a mother should b___stfeed for a minimum of 2 years or more if possible for both mother and baby to get the full benefit. If mum b___stfeeds for 2 years it reduces her chances of getting b___st cancer and other diseases and baby gets the benefits of the mothers antibodies for the Whole time. How can milk from a cow which is meant for baby cows be better for children than human b___stmilk which is made for humans. Cows milk and cows milk products arnt the only source of calcium. On this page It says: All mothers should have access to skilled support to initiate and sustain exclusive b___stfeeding for 6 months (meaning, dont give them anything other than b___stmilk for the first 6 months, this includes water) and ensure the timely introduction of adequate and safe complementary foods (meaning dont give them McDonalds & Burgerking) with continued b___stfeeding up to two years or beyond The American government say 1 year the British government follow the WHO guidelines and recommend 2 years because the WHO know what they are talking about. My sister b___stfed her daughter until she was nearly 3. I fed my son for three months but my milk dried up, I wanted to feed for longer. I'm feeding my daughter who is 9 weeks old at the moment and I'm going to let her self wean (meaning she can feed for as long as she wants to, children usually self wean between 1 1/2 - 3 years old anyway) Cathy


becca - April 6

to cathy omg really but no effence to people who do it but i dont like the thaught of have a big baby/ toddler on my b___st i think i would feel unfomfetable


Jaz - April 6

3 months should be fine becca, you've given her the best start already :-)


Cathy - April 6

Hi Becca. I think I would feel uncomfortable feeding a toddler at the moment too but when the time comes I know it will feel completely natural. Some women can never imagine b___stfeeding at all and think that it is discusting and that they will feel uncomfortable doing it until they actually do it. Usually by the time a baby hits the age of one they are only feeding first thing in the morning and just before bed so it usually doesnt involve feeding in public or in front of your family etc. But b___stfeeding for any amount of time is a great thing, even if it's only for a few days. It makes sure that your child has some resistance against every illness, virus etc that you have ever had. :o) Cathy


Elissa - April 21

You should latch the baby on to your b___st as soon as you can after the birth. Don't rush baby. Just let him suck, smell you.....get used to you. Then put baby to b___st as often as he/she wants until nursing is going really smoothly for both of you (usually a few weeks.) If you have any questions/problems (which most people do,) ask someone right away. Don't wait! Little problems become big ones with nursing if you don't get good advice. Contact La Leche League International for really up-to-date advice. They have a good website that will have a phone number of someone in your area to contact. Good luck. Nursing your baby is a very special thing. I've nursed 2.


crystal - April 21

I stop b___stfeeding when my son was 2 years old, but not by choice I wanted to stop at 1 but he was too attached and didn't want to let go, but I must say in his 3 years of living he's only been sick once.



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