Breast Or Bottle

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TeenMom - January 27

how many br___t feed. br___t or bottle?


Tia - January 27

Breast feed. How about you? Why do you ask?


TeenMom - January 28

I havent had my baby yet. i want to b___st feed and i get told im bad if i bottle feed! whats the good and bad things about bottle and b___st?


maren - January 28

b___stfeeding reduces the chances of your baby having allergies, and it has also contributed to a stronger immune system


Lillie E - January 28

they're are a lot of ups about b___st feeding. there are the medical reasons and what not, but hey lets talk about everyday life. Breast feeding is awesome for those night time feedings. baby starts crying, just grab them and stick them on. i usually end up falling asleep and then by the time i wake back up (maybe 15 mins later) my little guy is already pa__sed out. i use formula if we're going out to a place that would be hard to take him somewhere to b___st feed. i like taking one when we go shopping or on a trip somewhere, its just easier. I do both, but i stick mostly to the b___st. b___st feeding is a hell of a lot cheaper too. i couldn't imaging using formula full time.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 28

I have b___stfed all 3 of my children. If I'm out shopping, or days trips and they need feeding, I feed them. I have got used to all the remarks from people, now I just smile at the persona dn say something like "sorry you feel that way" Don't even bother arguing no more. In UK it is against the law to ask someone who is b___stfeeding to stop. Everyone tells you b___st id best, but not many people support it do they! I would never ive these formula, unless it came to the point I had to. Why give your child second best, when you able to give them the best. If people want to feel formula then thats up to each individual person, I don't preach to people who want to do it their way. Just do what you feel is right :-)


Brittany - January 28

I bottle fed my first baby, he was born premature and had trouble sucking. I'm due in late june with my second and plan to b___st feed if all goes well with the pregnancy. With bottle feeding, it was nice because my fiance could feed our son but it was tough always having to make formula and clean bottles. With b___st feeding, it'll be easy because the milk is already made and warm but the down side is the mother is the only one who can feed the baby...unless she pumps. I tried pumping the very first week while my son was in the NICU and it was heck! Good luck. Breast feeding is the best way to feed a baby because the milk is made by the body, no machines or chemicals. Either way though, my son was bottle fed and he is perfectly healthy, no allergies and has yet to have his first fever or cold and he is 16 months!!


Mommy - January 28

Breast really is the best way to go. I did but only for a month or so then they just wouldn't latch on. :o( In the USA it's illegal to ban women from BF in public, too. BF giives baby anti-bodies and makes them over all healthier. If you can b___st feed it's better for them but if not formula is not too bad. It helps promote development too, but b___st is the best choice to go with if you can.


Jbear - January 29

Just wanted to say, if for some reason you can't b___stfeed, it doesn't mean you're a bad mom. I've had people tell me that before...but b___stfeeding doesn't work for everyone. I tried pumping milk for my first daughter, who was a preemie, but I could never get out more than a teaspoon at a time. I tried b___stfeeding my second child, but 3 days after she was born she had lost more than a pound and she was so dehydrated that when she peed only orange crystals came out. At that point I gave up and put her on formula.


becca - January 29

I'm b___stfeeding my daughter is nearly 11 months and i plan to stop when she turns 1. The good thing:1, its a great way to get a good bond from the start 2,its generlly better for you baby 3,helps them grow a strong amune system 4,less chance of allirgys 5,helps you wohm contract back to normal 6,its just basicly a good way to go The bad:Your the only person who can do it 2, they feed more then bottle fed 3, you can get chapped and infected b___sts if you dont position them right 4Its sometimes harder to get them off But i would say i prefere b___stfeed but its totally your choice do what ever you feel comftable with you can even do it for just a week because for the first week it isnt milk its em something else o god i cant remeber what its called ne way im sure some one will know on her whoops ne way the stuff is really really good for your baby BUT ITS TOTALLY UP TO YOU!!! take care hope i helped


tam - January 29

Both my kids were bottle feed.(ages 6 &4) Not a single allergy, ear infection, no serious illness, and very few common colds. It is a personal choice and you will never please everyone so do what is best for you. I agree with jbear not b___st feeding doesn't make you a bad mom.



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