Breast Or Bottle Not Sure

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xsarahx_18x - February 27

i'm really not sure how to feed my baby, i know br___ts better for them n gives them more of the things they need then bottle but im still undecided!.. any1 else having this problem n can any1 help me decide? thanks x


xoxticiaxox - February 27

Well from my experience, everyone will try to convince you to b___stfeed...anyone who I tell that I am going to bottle feed, gives me a hugeee lecture and what not...its all up to you and what you are comfy with...


abriamiacadia - February 27

Sit down and write out a list of pros and cons. I think thats what I'm going to do. BUT Not only is the b___st good for the baby, Its good for you too, It lowers the risk of b___st cancer ( put that at the top of the pro list lol)


Amanda18 - February 27

I had a problem deciding about this too. I want the benefits of b___st feeding but also the convenience of formula. I've decided to pump exclusively. This way my husband can get up in the middle of the night occasionally, he can have that bonding time with the baby, I'll know the exact amount s/he is eating, and I wont feel weird about a little person suckling my b___b (to me my b___bs are very s_xual and I'd just feel too strange about it). Formula has come a long way so dont feel bad if you decide to go with that. Good luck.


abriamiacadia - February 27

Is pumping the same as the b___st only....not having the baby suck on it? lol sorry if you dont understand what I mean lol..


Amanda18 - February 27

A machine on my b___b is completely different then a human person sucking it. It may seem strange but I'm not comfortable having my child feed off of something that his or her parents see s_xually.


abriamiacadia - February 27

does pumping hurt, because i read about how it hurts when the babys sucking...and i'll be in loads of pain after delivery and wont want anymore added lol.


Amanda18 - February 27

Oh did I misunderstand? Did you mean is there a difference between the nutrients the baby receives? It's still b___st milk regardless of how it gets to the babies stomach lol. Umm im not sure about pain. I think after a while your nipples desensitize a bit (possibly?? haven't thought about asking this question before). And with pumping you wont have a latching problem so I think that would spare a lot of pain.


abriamiacadia - February 27

Ohh... lol I hate pain and granted I shouldnt have gotten pregnant so i know ima be in ALOT of pain. BUT its done, and i want to do whats best for the baby. My mom felt that way though about b___st feeding, that its too s_xual for a baby. So we werent b___st fed. lol. I want to feed it b___stmilk cause its healthier. Sooo I've been really thinking on the possibilities of b___st feeding. Im glad Sarah asked this question lol


xsarahx_18x - February 27

thanks for the replys. at the start i was definate i was going to b___stfeed but as i get closer to my due date im thinking i would prefer to bottle feed, although what i mite do is try n b___stfeed for 6months n then bottle.. or would that be to confussing for my baby? lol as you can tell im soo undecided x


jodie - February 27

Hey sarah. Pumping does not hurt at all...if you get a good pump. My son is 15 months and I b___stfed him for about 6 weeks along with formula. It was stressful and I gave up. I am 20 weeks preg now with a little girl and I am deffinately going to try harder to b___stfeed this time. It really is an awesome bonding experience.


SaraH - February 27

I'm planning on b___stfeeding as it is healthier for the baby, and also helps you out too. The nursing helps to get your uterus to shrink back sooner and research seems to indicate that the longer a women b___st feeds the more she reduces her chance for b___st cancer. All that said, it's really up to you. There are reasons that not everyone can b___st feed and sometimes it is almost impossible b/c the mother needs to work or be away from the baby for long periods of time. Pumping is always an option too, and while I'm not sure if it has the exact same amount of benefit to you as actual nursing (I'm sure it produces some as it is still a similar stimulation of the b___sts as nursing), it does give the baby the exact same benefits. Overall if you can I'd encourage b___stfeeding. However bottle feeding doesn't make you a bad mother and if you decide to go that rout than that is really your choice. Either way your baby will probably be healthy and fine. --By the way while I'm planning on b___stfeeding I do plan on also having a couple bottles around and pumping on occasion so that the baby gets use to a bottle too. That way my dh and I can still go out on occasion w/o worrying about making it back in 2 hr's to feed the baby. Good luck w/ deciding.


SaraH - February 28

Oh, about the 6 months and switching to a bottle. That shouldn't be a problem. Most of the time they just say b___stfeed as long as you can and then switch to bottle feeding if you need to. It's not uncommon for babies to b___stfeed for a few weeks/months and then switch to a bottle. Normally they don't get confused and it's not a big problem. Although if you decide to do that you might want to make sure you give the baby formula occasionally while b___st feeding as I've seen babies who don't want to drink the formula b/c they aren't use to the taste. However switching after a bit isn't normally a problem.


Miriam - February 28

Amanda18, not trying to get into a fight. I am just really trying to understand this way of thinking. So would you not have a v____al birth either? because you know the baby comes out of THERE. I don't know i am just so shocked by comments like "b___stfeeding is too s_xual for a baby". Its just so ironic. That's what b___sts are for... babies. I mean we are mamals afterall. Just trying to pick your brains here. Sorry.


EricaLynn - February 28

Like I have suggested on the Breastfeeding forum. I would give b___stfeeding a fair shot. Really Really try for 6 weeks. The benifits for you and baby are amazing, and it is so much easier than bottles trust me! I b___stfed for about two or three weeks, and then pumped exlusivley for about a week or two, and oh my gosh nursing is so much easier! I pump some so I have a stock and nurse during the day, once you get over the initial hump of it being really hard, magically it gets easier and its wonderful. If after 6 weeks of really trying, you absolutely hate it, then quit. But I definitely think you should give it a try, the worst that can happen is that you switch to the bottle, no harm done. Good luck!


lunamoo - February 28

You just answered your own question..."I know b___st better and gives them more..." Why settle for anything less for your baby. Give him/her the best possible start you can.


Amanda18 - February 28

Well, the baby does have to come out doesn't he? And he's not going to be touching my v____a after that right? It's strange I know but it's just a matter of my own comfort with it. I know pumping is hard but my sil has done it since her lo was 4 weeks and just recently stopped at 8 months so I have someone to get advice from.



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