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?????? - December 28

Hey Im 16 and 5 and a half months pregnant. This morning I woke up with the sheets over my br___ts soaking wet. Ever since then I have been noticing alot of cloudy fluid leaking from my nipples. I dont know what this stuff is or how to stop it. wearing a bra seems to make it worse. What is happening nothing Ive read so far seemes to be an answer.


ameigh - December 28

its your b___st milk... you cant really stop it.. your b___sts are just producing alot of milk... all you can really do is wear b___st pads, there made for leaking and stuff, ask your mom or whomever and they should know where to buy some


?????? - December 28

b___st milk?? I thought that didnt start until after the baby came. How can I wear b___st pads if wearing a bra makes it all worse.


seven - December 28

some woman can atart to produce brest milk even before they are even get pregnant... wear a loose bra like a sports bra and even if it makes it worse it will still be absorbed into the pad. you can normally by them in a drug store near the pregnancy test.


Jbear - December 29

They sell the pads in the aisle with baby bottles. You can also get washable pads at walmart in the bra department. The disposable pads are easier. You may have to wear a bra even when you're sleeping. The fluid is don't get milk until a couple of days after your baby is born. You can express (squeeze out) some of the colostrum if it helps to relieve your discomfort.


? - December 29

I didn't have this problem or b___st fed.Talk to you doctor maybe you can start using a b___st pump on a regular basis with the b___st pads.That way it may not interfer with daily activies.


Amanda - December 31

Stimulating the b___sts is a good way to go into preterm labor, and at 16 I believe you may be high risk already. Believe me you do not want to deliver premature babies that have to fight for their lives in the NICU -- so talk to your doc and do not try to express milk!


court - December 31

sounds like you need a bigger bra!! its not REALLY milk, its colostrum(sp?) which is what comes before the milk, which yes, comes after the baby. i started to leak a little around the same time. not soaking anything, but it was coming! u need to get some pregnancy books darling!! if this scares ya, wait and see what else is gonna be comin outta your body!! ;o) good luck to ya!!


Steph - January 1

It's not b___st milk. That does not come in until 3-5 days after you have your baby. It is colostrum that is leaking from your b___sts and it is what you will feed your baby with until your milk comes in and it is high in nutrients and antibodies.



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