Brittany Does Drugs While Pregnant

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Concerned Girl 2 - September 15

She thinks she has great advice about how wonderful it is to be w/a 22 yr old bf, 16 & out of school, and how her baby will have it all but what she recently posted under Ectasy was that she to did drugs while pregnant. I hope none of you take advice from a drug doing pregnant teen! Drugs and alcohol are the worst for an unborn baby. Perhaps if you weren't a teen you would know that!


!!! - September 15

Is this Tara who posted under the other topic?


UNKNOWN - September 15



Tara - September 16

No. It was not Tara but I agree w/Concerned Girl 2. Unlike you, when I have something to say I use my name.


Her Guy - September 16

It is Brittany---I know.


Monica - September 16

I am 17 and i think i might be pregnant. i used to do a lot of drugs.. everything from boring plain old pot to the new sensation of oxy's. I have watched many of my friends get addicted to drugs and end up pregnant. you can not tell someone to stop using drugs... they are going to have to learn it the hard way... even though you don't support the decisions they are making you need to at least support the kid if it makes it through the whole 9 months. it's not the kids fault.If they are really your friend, after they have the kid they will see that you were only trying to help. Whatever you do don't abandoned them.... they need your help, love and support


Scottie - September 16

I hear what you are saying. Sorry, but I just think any girl that is using drugs or alcohol while pregnant is d__n selfish. Hurting yourself w/drugs & alcohol is one thing but hurting an innocent child is another. You can quit drugs for the sake of your child if you have it in your heart & gut to do so.


!!! - September 16

Tara we are sure you do agree with her since you are the same person. why does brittany have like 20 topics posted about/for her anyway. u guys really have way too much time on your hands.


Tara - September 18

You can think whatever you want. Unlike you, I read all the posts & comment when I have input. Yes, I do use my name. I can't help it that Concerned Girl 2, like yourself is not confident enough in their opinion to use their name. Why don't you read all the posts.


Concerned Girl 2 - September 18

I can't believe you are actually arguing over who I am & why I didn't post my name. Tara & !!!, I didn't post my name b/c it is nobody's business who I am. It has nothing to do with not knowing my opinion is right or whatever. Grow the hell up!!..


Scottie - September 18

Thank You. Well said.



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