BruceN Adoption Amp Abortion Is NOT Comparable

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Maureen - September 13

Adoption and abortion cannot be compared. Adoption IS BEING responsible if you are smart enough to realize as a teen you don't have the resouces, education, or money to care/raise a child. Being responsible means making the right decision for the child. Dumbass brucen, get your head out of your ass! You should really think before you speak.


Bailey - September 11

I was irresponsible by getting pregnant but I know I cannot raise my child. I am doing the responsible thing by putting my baby up for adoption so someone who cares can raise my baby properly. My baby will now have the best. Why should my baby be punished (by me raising it) because someone like you thinks adoption is the same as abortion. brucen it is your type of people that cause unprepared teens to raise babies when they are not prepared to do so causing the baby to do w/o. One mistake should not lead to another.


Eva - September 11

brucen by you posting the following: "pregnant teen/whoever + abortion or adoption= no child/ responsiblities for pregnant teen/whoever. That is how the two are the same" just confirms that there are still very ignorant people in the human race. A comment like that does not even help teens make the right decision for an unborn child. Adoption is a GREAT choice and cannot be compared in any form to abortion. You definitely have your head in the sand and for that my sympathies to you.


Cory - September 11

I agree w/you guys. This guy Bruce doesn't have a clue what a tough decision it is to put your kid up for adoption. It takes a responsible teenager or whomever to do such an act. You shouldn't knock what you know nothing about..........


Kirsten - September 11

Abortion and adoption are not the same at all. To say both are done or due to not being responsible is an uneducated persons way of stating an opinion without any support for that opinion. If you can't make an educated post then don't make one.


Chad - September 11

As I stated in my prior post, the two are not the same regardless of how you want to word it!


Nicole - September 11

Adoption is a wonderful, caring, responsible, and selfless act. To compare it with abortion is ridiculous.


Stacy - September 11

Your are stupid brucen. You are no doubt a controlling, self-rightous teen male with nothing better to do than spout off stupid comments. Abortion and adoption have nothing to do with one another and should not even be used in the same sentence when drawing a comparison.


William - September 11

I think this brucen just wants to get a rise out of people judging by some other posts that have been made under this name. One poor decision, ie. having teen s_x and getting pregnant should not make for another poor decision, ie. keeping the baby if you're not ready or having an abortion. There is no possible way that adoption is not a responsible decision. Adoption is being responsible, abortion is having a way out (although not easy).


Sinad - September 11

Oh please, adoption and abortion aren't the same in any sense of the word. Anyone who thinks so is of feable mind.


Tru - September 11

Very true. Abortion and adoption cannot be compared. Adoption is being responsible for the child's needs regardless of what brucen thinks.


brucen - September 11

I stand by my statement.


abortion shoud be done unless you are over time - September 12

you should get an adoption if u are over the legal time, and an abortion when u r under the time. even if u say oh well i can have it and put it up for adoption, it will still be hard. 9 months is close to a whole year. u will have to drop out of school. health will change, changes with friends and spare time, 9 months is a looooooong d__n time. think about that before u say the kindest thing is to have this kid for 9 months then put it up for adoption.


Olivia - September 12

I am the product of an adoption. I adore my adoptive parents and I also know have since met my biological mother. Adoption is the best thing if you are a teen and pregnant versus abortion. Regardless of what this idiot, brucen thinks adoption and abortion are not the same or equal. My biological mother accepted responsibility by realizing that she could not raise me properly therefore, giving me up for adoption. Yes adoption is hard for most people but it is the most selfless act a person can commit-- putting their child first!


Damon - September 12

Don't worry about it. Brucen is a suck-a__s and doen't have any b___s.


brittany - September 13

huh? care to rephrase that in a legible manner..?


Olivia - September 13

Brittany I think you need to read again. Nobody said teen s_x or pregnancy was ok or justifiable. The comparison was that Brucen stated that abortion & adoption equalled the same. That is not true. I am adopted & until you are adopted you can't possibly understand the benefits of adoption so stop trying!!..



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