Cali Baby Or Not

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girl in need of help - December 14

Me and my best friend are fourteen... soon to be 15 and we are both pegnant! i am not exactly sure what to do... me her and our boyfriends are all very scared! we are not at all sure that we are ready for a kid or not or if we are even emotionaly stable enough for this. my boyfriend has been talking about moving to california for a while now and now he wants me to go to... and were pretty sure thats what we might do b/c our other best friend who we could never leave has a rich uncle thats lives up there! yet if i stay here i hav to tell my mother and she would probably ban me from my b/f and make me have an abortion, which i could never do because its like killing an inocent life but im not really sure if i wanna leave everything here because i am pregnant but i dont wanna raise a baby away from its daddy because i have never had one and it has been very very very rough! what should i do? should i go? i am very confused please help!


twingle - December 14

First of all, taht rich uncle is probably rich because he doesn't give out free money, and there is no reason to expect he would help you out just because he's rich. Also, your mother can ban you from your boyfriend, but she can't force you to abort it. Go to Planned Parenthood it's free, they won't tell your mom and you can get your advice there. They will be completely honest with you. Also, you are only fourteen. There is no way you can move to another state and get away with it. The first time you try to find a job you will be found out and sent back to your mom. As for abortion, well, that's a tricky subject to give advice on. Personally I think you should consider it because at 14 it is nearly impossible to have a healthy baby. Not completely impossible, but nearly. Either way, go to Planned Parenthood first thing and if you are going to keep it you will need to be under a Dr.'s care ASAP. Stay with your parents, they are a lot more likely to stick with you then your boyfriend will and I doubt you want to be stuck in a strange place with a baby and that's it. Your mom will be mad because she KNOWS what it will be like for you, and no mom wants her baby to go through it. Trust me on this one, I know from experience. Good luck to you please let me know what you decide.


? - December 15



addy - December 15

I honestly don't think the rich uncle is going to take care of u and ur bf and a baby also your mother can't tell you have to have an abortion and I understand that you or your bf are ready for a baby and I totally understand what you are going through I am 17 yrs. old and 7 mths. pregnant and am going through alot of questions I would like answered myself. If you would like to keep in touch my email is [email protected]


sabrina - December 16

your mom cant make you do anything you dont want to



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