Can A Gurl Get Pregnant If Its Day After Period And I Pulled Out

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matt - August 26

well i pulled out and she was having period i wasnt close to comin i just stoped cause she got scared wit out a condum so do i hafta worrie ??


MOLLY - August 25

if you have unprotected s_x, no matter what time of the month it is, and even if you didnt c_m (there is such thing as pre c_m) there is always a possibility of getting pregnant!!! UNPROTECTED s_x = BABIES. How come people are so uninformed??? So yes you should be worried, and hopefully it worries you enought so that next time you think twice about CONTRACEPTION!!!


Shorty - August 26

yep, you do with unprotected s_x, but you might be in the clear, depends on a lot of things, next time use a condom.


unknown - August 26

No offense guys, but no, she will not get pregnant. The period means that there is no egg for the sperm to attach to. So you got lucky that time, but you better be careful cuz it won't always work out like that. However you should worry about STD's, no matter how well you think you know her. I'd go get tested if I were you.


Lisa - August 26

Matt: Typically not however, statistics can always be wrong because everyone's body is different. Statistically, a woman and I stress WOMAN is supposed to ovulate around 14 days after her cycle begins and she can become pregnant around that time period. However, a teenage girl's body is especially different because her hormones are not fully developed and matured. So it is hard to tell with a teenage girl because her body is not yet that of a womans. Also, you should be aware that you do not actually have to c_m for a girl to become pregnant. A girl can become pregnant even with pre-ejaculation which a guy is not aware he has done if he is inside a girls body. The only way you can tell if you have pre-ejaculated is if you are for example making out a you notice a little wet spot on your underwear that is considered pre-ejaculation. Your best bet is to use a condom everytime not only to prevent against pregnancy but STD/HIV.


Shammy - September 21

Er hem... yes it is possible. Sometimes a girl will bleed during ovulation (the time when the egg is released) and mistake that for her period... so use a condom! Getting pregnant is never a nice thing to have to go through. You should be responsible enough to always wear one.


Beth - September 21

unknown, I got pregnant, the day after my period and I know it had to be then that I conceived, because I have not had s_x since. Matt, If your has really short 21-23 cycles then yes she can get pregnant! but I would say that ahe is prolly not pregnant.



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