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ashleea - September 5

im twelve and got my pirod for the fist time in may and my pirods been weird i'm a week late still a verigin no bf


l - September 5

well you just got your period, and your a virgin so what are you asking because if you asking if your pregnant thats just dumb, hello u havent done anything and your periods just started, u wont start having regular periods for awhile lil gurl!


Hi Ashleea - September 5

Don't worry if you haven't had s_x of any kind you are not pregnant. Sometimes when our periods first start they aren't very regular. So you might have one and not have another for months. After a few years your period will start to be more regular. Just ignore people like the one above. Feel free to ask anymore questions. I am sure some one will post a real answer, instead of being rude to you.


Dear Ashleea - September 5

When I first started my period it was very very light and irregular. At times it was even very painful because my body was beginning to become a woman's and I was going through a lot of changes. Because every woman's body is different there are no guarantees as to when your body will make the final adjustment and begin to cycle your periods regularly. But when it does you'll learn your own unique cycle and then your worries will fade. However, if you still continue having periods that are irregular after some time (for example, a year or two) consult a gynocologist with any questions and she can help you. But if you feel nervous about going to a stranger with questions like that then talk to your mom. She went through the same thing when she was young and can also give you advice to help calm your fears. But again, don't be afraid to ask someone who knows what they are talking about if you have a question. People are out there to help and won't be embara__sed to help you if you need it.


.... - September 5

You aren't asking if you're pregnant are you because this is a teen pregnancy site not period site...not trying to be mean or anything...


to:l and ...... - September 6

i just dont get this site!!!! When young girls come here and think they are pregnant people tell them to go back and play with dolls..and put them down. Now this girl Ashleea is not having intercourse and she is just simply asking why her period is not normal....come on people!!!!!! why cant you just answer nicely, and help her out. people wonder why there is so much teens at very young age that sleeps around....well no kidding....when they do ask for questions they are being put down


.... - September 6

I wasn't being mean or anything but if she didn't have s_x or anything she doesn't have to worry about it.This is a teen pregnancy site for girls who are or think they are pregnant.


Melissa - September 6

This girl is at a very tender age. Just because WE know that you cannot get pregnant without having s_x doesnt mean that she does. I remeber when I was 12..I had no idea how a womans boy worked or what happened when you concieved a child. I basically learned through girl talk at school. Maybe this girl is going through the same thing. You never know what anyone has been telling her......Ashleea....your body will not have normal periods for awhile hun. It is perfectly normal to skip weeks, even months in the beginning. I did and in time your body will work itself out. Good luck!



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