Can Anything Get Stuck Up There

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Isabelle - December 3

This is has nothing to do with pregnancy but i tried looking through the web and cant find any other forum. I use tampons and my period is over...when i touched myself inside i felt was a peice of a tampon wrapper (the top peice) that i must of not removed by myself..i took it out of me but im worried there might be more inside of there a way of it staying up there.. or does my body reject it some how?


Beb - December 3

Hi, it can stay up there. Believe me its happened to me! Luckily it was still on the tampon and came out with it. And I've put two there at once! The only way to be sure its clear is to go to your doctor for an internal examination I'm afraid. Don't worry because they aren't half as bad as you think. Be aware that tampons left in too long can put you at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome that can be very dangerous, there should be a leaflet with the pack. But this is rare, and I very much doubt you have anything left up there. I can't see the plastic wrapper doing much harm.


Isabelle - December 4

Thank you..and ya im aware you gotta change it..i change it almost every hour..but yeah i was worried the plastic staying up there and getting infected or something..haha im glad im not the only one thank you..and i doubt theres more plastic up there haha


Beb - December 4

It does depend how heavy you are how often you change it. At the moment the longest you can leave it is 8 hours, so unless you can afford it change it only when you need it!! I'm sure plenty of girls have left the plastic. Its just one of those things. When you have to do it all the time it becomes bloody mechanical so its only normal that you miss things like that from time to time!! Maybe stick to the applicator ones in the future - much less ha__sle!!


Isabelle - December 5

So..theres no possible way plastic is stick up my cervix right? I had s_x last night it hurt for a little cause i havent had s_x in a while and i get really tight so possible chance?


Beb - December 6

I really doubt it because the opening to the cervix is very small and it would be difficult for it to get up there without being forced. Since you had s_x there is a remote possibility that if some plastic was still there, the p___s could have pushed it further. As I said, an internal by your doctor would be the only way of being sure there is nothing stuck so if you are worried, book yourself in. They don't take long. And take my advice, get the ones with applicators! Good luck.



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