Can Child Rape At 4 Cause Pregnancy At Age Of Normal Puberty

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mowly2010 - November 25

Dear all, I don't know how else to say this, so her goes... My 11 year old cousin came close to being raped when she was 4 Let me break it down... The guy didn't insert his genitals into hers, but placed it in the middle of her butt cheeks and rubbed up and down, which resulted in an ejaculation, and some of his sperm was stained around her va___a. We never talked about it again, though we are a very understanding family and freely discussed the matters and consequences.Now my question is by the time she reaches puberty (she is 11 and hasn't yet), will there be any chance of her getting pregnant, beacause I looked up elsewhere on the internent and found out: 1. that even if the sperm comes in slight contact with the va___a, there's a chance that some of the sperm can go inside. 2. that sperm doesn't stay alive inside the uterus for only a week at most. We are really worried about what to do. My cousin is ignorant about the fact, but the rest of us going crazy. I can only guess the conclusion based on 1 and 2, that even if the sperm entered her va___a they died within a week after it happened when she was 4, and now she is as normal as anyone. But recently she has been experiencing sudden backahces and vomiting in the mornings, which has made us more worried. Now I am guessing something else, that could the sperm stay alive inside of her all these 7 years, but even if they were she is 11 and didn't undergo puberty. I thought about asking for explanation first before going to the doctors. I'm totally confused, please help if anyone can? Thanks.


Grandpa Viv - November 25

No way can her early encounter directly cause pregnancy. It crosses my mind that she has had a precocious upbringing and may currently be s_xually active, even though not menstruating. Is any male in a position to get that close to her? Would she tell you if that was happening? Could she have ovulated and gotten pregnant before even having a period? If any of this makes sense, her mom needs to get a sample of her first morning pee and do a pregnancy test. GL!



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