Can He Get Me Preg

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mary - January 25

My boyfriend and I were sort foolin around about 3 months ago and he got inside of me. Now we do it several times a week after school. He said he likes to come inside of me and ask if I was on the pill. I told him not to worry as I dod't have my period yet. So he cant get me pregnat when he comes inside of me. I have been thinking of what it would be like to have his baby growing in me but now im to young to be a mommy. Can I get the pill before I get my period?


Krista - January 25

no, its called the morinin after pill! Um, jus stay calm and take a pregnacy test like 2maro or sumting!


KRISTA - January 26



michelle - January 26

I think you are safe until you get your period. Be prepared withn some condums when you do get it. Your not old enough to be having s_x but if your going to do it enjoy and keep safe.


need to know - January 26

I think maybe you can get PG during in the weeks just before your period


Asha - January 26

um you can get pregnant before you get your period because you dont know when you're ovulating you dont know when your going to get period. you could get pregnant


Asha - January 26

I heard you get get your period six months before you release an egg. PS: I like the feeling of his baby seed in my tummy after we are done. that why we are doing it so much. I like it and so does he.


add to my ? - January 28

Today after having s_x i bled a little. not as much as when i lost my virginity only a few drops really. He was push real hard and was deep inside of me. Is the blood from my virginity or my period?


kissthesky - January 29

you don t have your period yet and your getting with a guy? jeez girl if your too young to have a baby u probalby shouldnt be having s_x is he like older than u or something cuz thats kinda nasty i mean at least my friends got their periods before they had s_x whatever sorry shouldnt be lecturing u just use a condom when you do it caus you could be ovulating and get pregnant BEFORE u get your period


kissthesky - January 30

Im 12 1/2 and he will be 14 in 2 weeks


Alesha - February 20

I am an 18 year old mother. if u havent started getting your period yet. then there isnt any reason to go on birth control. you can only become pregnant if u have a period. I would just be careful. And make sure he uses protection.. Keep in mind as soon as u start getting periods to get on birth control. Go to plannparenthood. if u have any questions or need anyone to talk to e-mail me at [email protected]


Alesha - February 20

if u bleed alittle after s_x it isnt anything bad. he just got to deep and ur body still have to get used to that.. it has nothing to do with losing ur viginity.


ashlee - February 20

u get take your first pill on the first day you start or sunday after your period and take them every day and dont miss 1


To Mary - February 20

She totally could get pregnant. You have your period a few weeks after ovulating. So she could get pregnant the first time she ovulates BEFORE she gets her first period. DUH! If you don't know about reproduction you shouldn't be having s_x (especially at 12!)


rachael - February 21

you begin to ovulate some time before you actually start your period. this means that an egg is released monthly, so for all you know, you may have started to ovulate already and could therefore be pregnant. STOP fooling around! if you don't want a baby, then don't have unprotected s_x. next, get yourself a pregnancy test and find out if you are pregnant. if you are, you'll need to confide in someone-preferably an older brother/sister or your parents-and you'll need to see a doctor/GP to find out what options you have. If you find out you're not pregnant, it's still no excuse what so ever to continue to have s_x without a condom. You're boyfriend may like coming inside you, but will he really like it when you're


Mary - February 22

I did a home pregnancy test and it is negative. I ask my bud if he would love me if i got pregnant and he was happy think I was talking about him get me pregnant. He still likes to come inside me and I told he can keep doing only until I get my period. Then He will have to use a condum until I get on the pill. If he get me pregnant before my period i will be a good mommy.


Question - March 4

I still have the second test. I don't feel pregnant and I still have not got my first period so my boyfriend is still coming inside of me. Should I do the second test or keep it for a few more months. Thanks for answering my questions



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