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someguy - November 30

I'm going to be a father of 2 babies one is going to be born in Dec the other in May. I left my ex girlfriend when she got preg. and started dating the girl im with now. I was ok with my ex having the baby I was excited. but just couple months ago I found my new girl is 3-4 months preg. I cant take care of 2 babies I just turned 18. I stopped calling my ex 2 months ago I dont want to call her either. I dont need that baby my new girl is having one anyway. Can my ex get me for child support? I dont think she would get any money from me anyways I dont work right now and when I do work Im not getting paid by checks. can I get away with it. last i heard my ex was mad at me cause Im not giving her support were not together why should I Im having another baby anyways


redeem - November 30

your ex could sue you for child support yes. I won't lecture you about leaving a girl when you knocked her up, but just don't leave the second one. I suggest you get a job quickly, because raising a baby is an expensive proposition. Get 2 jobs if u have to.


Grandpa Viv - November 30

Amazing! This refocuses my thinking on forcible castration, preferably the two brick method.


K - December 1

Well, u shouldnt have left her for bein pregnant! WRONG IDEA! but you kno u had to do what you had to do! i dunno! but, yes u will automatically have to pay child support as soon as the baby gets here ure finished! sorry to say but ya! Redeem is right, u better get a good job! especially that u left her shes p__sed, and she might make u pay alot alot of money! GOOD Luck! but ya! have fun, dont leave this "new" girl, pregnant women need their man! trust me i wouldnt know how to do this without my Boyfriend! GOOD LUCK!


me again - December 1

Very good suggestion Viv.


Saidie - December 1

I wont give you the reaction you want because if all you can do is make up sad little stories like this in the hope of annoying people, then you really need to go and get some professional help.


melissa - January 19

i wont judge you on what you did! take it this way tooo bad as a lady i would of get you for child support making me go through all that and left me! just go on welfare .... i'm not hating just sharing what a smart girl would do


well - January 19

well your ex will probably have the state prove that your the father of her baby cause i doubt she can suport her self and a baby. It is your responisiblity as that childs father to provide for it. No one said that you NEED a baby if you didnt want to take care of a baby well then you should not have been having s_x. When things happen like that she didnt get pregnant because you NEEDED a baby take responsibility for your actions. plus why dont you have a job now do you just think your new girl friend can pay for this all by her self. People like you should not be allowed to procreat no offense take responsibility for your children.


Jbear - January 20

The original post is more than a year old...notice the dates anyone? For anyone who has the same question, it doesn't matter if you're married when you have the baby, it doesn't matter if you're even still together, or if it was a one-night stand--if you don't pay child support you go to jail. Sometimes it's up to the mother if she wants to persue it (that is, have the father sent to jail). And you still owe it when you get out--it doesn't matter how old your kid is, it starts adding up...even if the kid turns 18 you still owe whatever child support you are behind on. And if this sounds like a c___ppy situation to be in, it's a million times worse for the child's far would $300 a month really go? She'd be lucky if it paid for daycare.



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