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babii_boo91 - February 13

Can i be pg after giving birth to dominik 3 weeks ago..we had s_x at 2weeks i had stopped bleeding then after i startd again


ChattyKathy - February 13

Yes, its possible to get pregnant 2 weeks after delivery, just like a normal period. If you lucked out this time you definitely need to consider contraceptive measures. Pregnancy is hard on your body. You want to give it some time to heal before this happens again.


Rhiannon - February 13

I think so. How old are you? Was your pregnancy planned? And if not, did you not learn anything?


Brittany - February 13

you could be, my mom was pregnant RIGHT after she had me but lost the baby. Be careful, it CAN happen! I hope lil Dominik is doing well, hes soooo cute, I'm so happy for you, keep up the great job!


Grandpa Viv - February 13

Yep, I know a woman who had 2 kids only 9 months apart. Good luck!


maren - February 13

yes it is very possible!!


JJB - February 13

Oh are only 15!!! NO lectures here though (your son is VERY cute btw). For your sake, and I mean sanity wise, I hope you aren't preggo again. MIne are 18.5 mths apart and I am double your age (if that means anything at all...not so sure) and I sometimes go crazy. Use condoms and keep us updated!


AyameLovesXion - February 13

Oh it is very possible! You are more fertile after you give birth!


babyonboard16 - February 14

i think it is but wow for your minds sake id hope not


guccigal87 - February 15

haha hunnie!! you are just hurrying on the s_x thing! love dominik he is addorable and SERIOUSLY dont feel bad i had s_x after a week and a half.. and i know YOU ARE SUPOSE TO WAIT !!! haha my little guy is 3 weeks now and he is SOOO much bigger omg lets hope you arent pregnant.. and same with me.. and i know its possible but i dont think it will happen that soon!


RLWilcox - February 15

Oh hun, I hope your not, but the most fertile time in your life is right after you have a baby...let us know :/


babii_boo91 - February 16

oo great...well yes the first one was planned and i love him to death a second one will be difficult but i dont feel there was a lesson to be learnt. Thank you all dominik is getting big and a lil more cranky:P there are new pics on his iste as well but i will beupdating it weekly its when shoulld i take the pg test then?? people said to wiat cuzit might show + cuz of dom any suggestions


freebird - February 17

When you go for your 6 week postpartum checkup you can ask your doc, maybe they can do a pg test for you in the office. There are other reasons you're supposed to wait to have s_x, you're more prone to infection in your uterus (the spot where the placenta is attached needs to heal up) and if you had an episiotomy it could not heal properly if you have s_x too soon.



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