Can I Be A Single Mother

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hurt badly - April 25

I've been with my boyfriend for about 11 months. I've always doubted that he really cares for me. I think that he is fake. I've lost love and trust for him and I just think that he is around for his benefit( I have something that he wants). I try to be giving and when I love someone, I reallt and truly love that person. Well I got pregnant three months into knowing him. ( I' am still pregnant now). He didn't go baby shopping. I did. With the money that I had in the bank I went and brought all that the baby needs ( this hurt me so much and made me cry. I feel as though he doesn't really love me). I've met good people in the past but for whatever reason I just wasn't into them. I don't want to be with my baby's father. He can't help me with money anyway. I just think that a child deserves both he/she parents. I wasn't raised with a father in my life, my grandfather was around but grandparents let you do what u want. I wanted a dad and I'm sure my son will. But could I just raise him up on my own. I don't even think my " boyfriend" loves his son. I come like the mother and father anyways. I feel so hurt


kayleigh - April 25

yes course u can be a single mum u shouldnt say with the dad if its not wat u want but if u do brake up with the dad he could still see ur son but u dont have to be together.just as long as u dont so any angry towards each other infront of ur son so he dont pick up on it


Grandpa Viv - April 25

hb, your feelings are all valid, and you find yourself focusing on them more and more as the birth gets closer. You can do it. Focus on giving your baby love and attention, not things. There's a guy for you out there some place, he just hasn't found you yet. Your baby will have a father in due course. Good luck!


katie - April 25

course u can b a single mom...alot of ppl are and if u dont want to stay wit the dad thts okay u dnt hav to feel bad...he can c the baby at other times.but u can do..just tell urslef tht and just think how much ur goin to love ur baby but take care xxx katie



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