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Ashley - March 17

i was with my boyfriend and the condom slipped off and went inside of me. Is it possible that i am pregnant and is having the condom in me dangerous? I also got another problem my boyfriend is 22 and im 17


Grandpa Viv - March 17

You need to go fishing for that condom. If you were about 13 to 17 days before your period was due, there is a chance of pregnancy. Early signs can start a week before your next period.


Audrey - March 18

Ashley- The laws differ from state to state but if you reside in a state where the legal age of consent is 18, your bf might get in trouble. You should definitely get that condom out, if you can't do it yourself you'll need to see a gynaecologist. If it stays there you could get an infection. Best wishes!


katie - March 18

yea u really need to get tht condom out and soon casue mi friend had a tampon stuck and she got really sick and was in hospital 4 a week or 2 and there is a gd chance tht u cud b preggo casue if the condom is stuck the s____n could hav leaked from the condom...but gd luck anyways okies


He call n say I think ur Prego - September 4

My ON again OFF again Boyfriend calls and says Did u get ur period yet???.... I immediately start question why? My period came august 7 and we had s_x 19th of Aug. I told him I didnt want 2 have s_x cuz I thought I was fertile and didnt want 2 get pregnant. We had protected s_x but the condom came off and was inside once I found out I freaked. He told me he aint c_m alot. When I pulled it out I'm not sure if any was in there at all. He calls me and tell me that he thinks some came in me. and he thinks im pregnant. Cuz he couldnt sleep or eat he been thinkin about it and dreaming about it. My period aint come yet but its not really that late cuz it should be c_min around 2day or 2days from 2day.. Im scared cuz i just found out this out... my question is the possibility of me being pregnant high? 2nd can I guy tell how much he c_ms? 3rd If a guy is inside can he tell if the condom comes off or if he comes inside u and not the condom?


SJ - September 4

Hi Ashley! *Since the condom did not do it's job, the chance is higher. *There are billions or around there, LOL, of sperm in just a drop of s____n. So, doesn't matter if he thinkg he came a lot or not. You were still exposed to it so there's still a possibility. *I'm not sure on ?#3 but I think that most likey he wont be able to tell until afterwards.


heaven - September 4

actually there's a chance for pregnancy.. I think you should take the condom off. You can visit and Ob and they will take it off for you. It may somehow cause allergic reactions or v____al itching



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