Can I Be Pregnant Pls Help

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xyz12 - October 30

I had protected s_x wid my boyfriend 3 months ago,, for many days,, once he came for a while inside me widout condom,, bt he ejaculated nothing . After dat for last 2 months i was having normal periods , but this month periods didnt occur ,, moreover i can feel my br___t is enlarging , nd i feel nausea in morning . Can i relate it to pregnancy ??? means after having periods normally for 2 months after s_x ,, can their nonoccuring in 3rd month shows dat i m pregnant ?? pls help me ,,


GimmeaBub - October 30

Ok Hunnie, you say he came for a while inside you but ejaculated nothing. Okies 1. It doesnt matter if he has an orgasm inside of you there is a thing called prec_m which can result in pregnancy. 2. If you think you may be, then do a home pregnancy kit, they will tell you straight away, you can also go to a family planning clinic, which from what i have heard are confidential and will offer you comfort and advice if you are indeed pregnant, they also have pregnancy tests. 3 Talk to your parents about going on some other birth control if your not gonna use the condoms properly, that way you wont have this worry again. It really all depends when you were ovulating what date your last AF was, and all in all you may want to see a dr. Best of luck and Baby Juice to you!


xyz12 - October 30

can i be pregnatnt even aftr i had my normal menstrual cycle for 2 months aftr s_x,, means can dese symptomps will emerge incidentaly in 3rd month????


sandy18 - October 30

It would be very unlikely I think, you should an hpt... good luck


EMMA2 - October 30

Gimmeabub , whats with giving out baby juiced to every single person here...did it ever occur to you that some people dont want baby juice and arent happy to be pregnant? anyhoooo.......xyz12, u need to test because pre-ejaculation can very well get you pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - October 30

Is it possible you were exposed to s____n last cycle - like wild party, fooling around w/o actual s_x etc? For instance, if your missed period was due Oct 16 and you can't remember what happened the night of Sept 30, then its time to take a home test. Dollar Store works as well as any other, first morning pee. Good luck!


GimmeaBub - October 31

EMMA2 i was being nice i know it's something your not familar with but i do it anyway, nor was i trying to be disrespectful to the girl, it's something i say. I dont read into things as much as you do, and i hope it's your hormones talking and not your normal att_tude, if you dont like what i say then pay no attention i dont know you from a bar of soap, so therefore i dont care what you say. Thanks! xyz12 did you get your home pregnancy test? Goodluck


EMMA2 - October 31

what actually would be considered nice is to really conduct yourself accordingly....if someone is distraught or upset about being pregnant how can you tell them "baby juice"...its so annoying and extremly dont be nice act accordingly.


EMMA2 - October 31

oh and its something you say based on your wishes? guess what this is a teen forum and majority of them dont want to be pregnant...well, i wish i can say FU to many people but i dont go around saying .....just because its something i say...lmao...


BouncingBabyBoy - October 31

WHy must every time someone needs help you ahve to create trouble on the thread. I think Gimmeabub is being really sweet when she says it! I actually like it and when I go in for dr's appt or I even talk about my baby to another person I catch myself saying Baby Juice to me! You can also take it as two ways. 1) good luck on hopefully being pregnant 2) I hope things go the way you want it to......So anyhoooo.....I would do a HPT or make an appt with your doctor. GL


GimmeaBub - November 1

To everybody else I am sorry for my behaviour i just hate when you get women on here that think the world owes them a living and they think know they are everything and are so superior. Just seems this forum is full of them lately. Anywho i'm sorry for any offence made. Thanks


EMMA2 - November 1

lol its fun! thats why! I have the right to express my annoyance with treating people so genericly...."baby juice" huh?


GimmeaBub - November 2

meh woteva


BouncingBabyBoy - November 2 seems my hormones got the best of me, yet again. oh well,


jezebel1018 - November 2

LOLL the babyjuice comment actually made me laugh out loud. its true though, if you think about it, not everyone on this sight wants babyjuice or dust for that matter. i am 34 and until about 6 months ago never thought i would want a child, much less actively ttc and when people used to tell me oh that will change oh one day youll just get knocked up i wanted to strangle them. my choices and my fears are my own as are everyone elses & i think emma is right in that the responses should be a little less...generic


GimmeaBub - November 2

however when giving any circ_mstance you want nothing but the best for people, choices are made to whatever makes a person at the time, a simple 2 words seem nothing, it's unbelievable how something so minute sets people off. it's a sad world when things like that happen, people should stop being so serious and lighten up! I mean no offence to anyone, just makes me laugh i suppose makes me wanna say baby juice even more lol. Baby Juice and Goodluck LOL!


jezebel1018 - November 3

LOLLL bub then babyjuice away! it kinda reminds me of beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice



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