Can I Be Pregnant Right Now

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Nikki - October 28

My bf *went* in me 4 times.. once on Sunday (10-23) and three times on Tuesday (10-25) and I started my period a little later on Tuesday night. Could I be pregnant? I feel tired a lot, I'm having stomach pains when I bend over and even when I'm just still, I have felt nauseous, like I'm going to throw up if I don't eat or drink something.. It hasn't been that long since, but my period normally last for 6 days, and I've been on it since Tuesday, but it's getting lighter by the day.. I think I'm coming off of my period. Could I be pregnant?? PLEASE ANSWER.. email me at [email protected] or [email protected] My name is Nikki.. thank you!


danielle - October 28

personally it sounds a little early to be having such strong symptoms, but you never know.. did you have unprotected s_x last month? when i was pregnant with my first son, i concieved on christmas and got my period on new year's eve, it only lasted 2 days but i didnt think anything of it till i didnt get my period at all the next month thats when i took a positive urine test and then went to the doc for a blood test which came back positive.. you may want to take a test.


Nikki - October 29

I've had unprotected s_x like every week, but my bf never went in me until last Sunday and Tuesday.. I know it's a little early, but my body's being a little weird lately. So I'm just waiting. We both want this really bad, but we wouldn't die if it didn't happen. Everyone's telling me that I could be pregnant from previously doing it before I had my period.. i don't know. lol.. my email is [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks Danielle


jessica - October 29

hey, nikki, how old are you? i am just wondering. so i suppose since you say that your boyfriend came inside of you the past 4 times or so, i think it would be too early to tell. but if uve had unprotected s_x for awhile, the prec_m that the male releases during s_x, also has sperm in it. you can get pregnant off of that believe it or not.


Nikki - October 29

Hey. I am going to be 16 in January. My boyfriend is also going to be 18 in January. He is a great guy and we have talked everything over. This is a decision that we both made. We will take full responsibility if a pregnancy goes through, and we will wait if it doesn't. I am coming off of my period today I think. It's only been 4 days, which is very weird for me. I've had my period since I was 9 years old.. thanks for replying. Ttul.


Nikki - November 1

I got off my period around the normal time, but recently I've been feeling tired a lot, my stomach's been acting weird, diarrhea it seems sometimes. My stomach has cramping sometimes but it's not menstrual cramps. Should I go to the clinic this Friday? I already plan to, but Richie and I want to get married if I'm pregnant, even if I'm not pregnant. Please feel free to email me and reply to this. I really feel sick alot. I've been getting dizzy and LOTS of headaches like alllll the time!! What's going on?? I actually lost my appet_te and I'm have lost like 2-3 lbs. Someone please reply!


CAROL - November 1

Nikki, have you taken a pregnancy test yet? If not, take one now. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should go to the clinic on Friday, since something it making you pretty sick. But really, go to the store right now and buy a test.


Nikki - November 1

lol. I can't buy a test. I have no money and my thing is I don't feel comfortable buying one because I know how people look at younger teens dealing with pregnancy. I really want to go to the clinic before Friday. I think it would be best for me to know about it by now. I'm kinda scared but I know Richie and I will work this out. We both are here for each other. Thanks Carol for replying.


CAROL - November 1

Maybe you could go to another town to buy a test? Get someone else to buy one? Maybe pull the old "I'm buying this for my older sister" line? You need to know one way or another whether or not you are pregnant.


T - November 1

Nikki - Because you had s_x and your period started later on tuesday night its unlikely your pregnant. Afew days BEFORE your period is possible but your period arrived on that night so basically the egg wasn't in a position to be fertilised. Your probably feeling so c___ppy because your on your period and your worrying your pregnant too. When you think your pregnant you pay more attention to the smallest symptoms. However, if your period is different or lighter than normal for you, you may be pregnant. So if you think your pregnant, wait 4 weeks and do a pregnancy test.


Kayse - November 1

Are you on any type of birth control like the pill the patch the ring or the shot???? if so it could just be side effects if not then you could just have a bug or something because that is a little early and if u had your period already... but anyway did you use a condom????


Nikki - November 2

T - I did have s_x a few days before I started my period that week, on Sunday, and then on Tuesday. That's when I started. I do not use condoms with Richie. He's like the only guy I did that with. We know we want a kid, and we'd wait if it didn't happen. I seriously think I'm pregnant because I'm off my period but everything is still feeling weird. Thanks.


Nikki - November 2

Kayse - No. I'm not on any type of birth control. We used the pull-out method before we decided we want a child. We were dumb, yes, I know. But now we're really having to deal with this. The anticipation of finding out if I'm pregnant or not is killing us. Richie's taking me to the clinic on Friday. Do not use protection with Richie. He knows what he's doing and he knows when to pull-out. A few minutes before he goes. Thanks.


Me - November 2

i know you say you want a baby and all that, but this reply is in referall to the last thing u wrote about before you decided to have a baby "He knows what he's doing and he knows when to pull-out. A few minutes before he goes. Thanks." the pull out method is NEVER fool proof. i thought i was safe pulling out a few minutes before i was at climax but theres still pre-c_m which can come a long while before climax. im proof. i got a girl pregnant on pre c_m. so the rest of yous who think the same "he knows wat hes doin..." or even "i know wat im doin" DONT RISK IT!!!!


Nikki - November 2

Me - Thanks for your reply. I know it's not fool-proof. It's stupid if someone thinks that. I was just saying that he did pull out a few minutes before he went, and other guys that I slept with, but I've only had s_x with 2 guys without a condom. I even made guys pull out in condoms. lol. Well thanks again.


Kayse - November 2

Richie does not know what hes doing because if he did then you wouldnt be worrying about if your pregnant or not so please if your gonna have s_x with him use protection or get on birth control the pull-out method doesnt always work ...idk how old you are but when a guy is about to c_m it builds up and there is a "pre-ecjectulation" and that can still contain sperm so since you werent using a condom and your not on any form of birth control you chances are alot higher


Nikki - November 2

Kayse - Yes I know this. We planned for a baby about 2 weeks ago, and now I think we might be having one. I will find out Friday. So thanks for the reply. I already know this.



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