Can I Have A Baby Without My 18 Year Old Bf Going To Prison

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Rachel - May 15

my boyfriend is 18, and im only 14. I recently found out im pregnet, and its sagatory rape for me to have slept with him. He will go to prison if anyone finds out, because it will get to the county, and if parents dont sue the county will for sure. I dont want an abortion but theres really nothing els I can do. Please Help.


Teresa - May 16

Ya 15 and ill be 16 in oct. and my b/f is 18 and will be 19 in june! Im pregnant! and im not sure how my mom will act but i dont think she'll press charges! I think it all depends on your parents and how they feel about the situation. Find out the facts before you do anything!


Meranda - May 16

Im 14 and ma boyfriend is 1 but ma boyfriend has gone to jail 5times already and might go in 9 days if you are sure this baby is wat you want n your boyfriend and you are ready then have tha baby and live a happy life. Ma parents dont like tha choice i have made but they support me. Your parents cant make you get an abortion its your own doing. Good Luck!!


jenny - May 17

your parents will be mad when they find out but if you dont say he rapped you or anything your parents cant sue him if he didnt rape you nor can the government if you did it freely


Mel - May 17

It is cla__sed as statutory rape for a man 18 and over to have s_x with a girl under 16. If someone presses charges there is a likelihood that he may go to jail. But I think you need to think long and hard about this - you may find having an abortion very regrettable if you do it under these circ_mstances. It is a tough decision to make. How do you know your parents will press charges? You could try and explain to them that you are both willing to take responsibility for the baby, and your boyfriend can't do that from jail. But really he should have known better.


ellie - May 18

just dont tell anyone that he is the father. dont put his name on the birth certificate. my cousin did the same thing when she was pregnant at 15 with a 19 yr old guy.


Katie -Q. - May 18

I'm 15 almost 16 in june and my boyfriend is 19 it took alot for my parents to handle it but we mad it through because my mom decided to just let it be. but you don't have to tell any one he's the father. Just if he's really gonna take care of you pretend later in your pregnancy that you just got with him. But first find out how your parents will react to the situation! right now my boyfriend just got locked up for the 3rd time. But thats just our situation right now!


Jessica - May 18

Look i am 16 and my boyfriend is 21 my family is fine with us being together so you need to find out if your parents like him and they may threatin you and tell you that they are going to press charges but if they allowed you and him to date they cant press charges and if you are still scared then marry him they cant do anything good luck



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