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mummy2paris - November 9

Hello, i'm becca and i'm part of a few charitys regarding teen pregnancy and s_xual health in young people. I am 18 and had my daughter at 15, i'm from the ul and one charity i'm involved with is diverse. I feel very strongly in helping to stop teen pregnancy and to also help those who are already pregnant or with child. What i was hoping to get from you guys is how your s_x education was at school and what you feel could be improved and what could of helped you more. I mainly go around providing exersises for youth workers, childprotection workers and teachers. And give speeches on my personal experience to the local council and schools your input would be be most appreciated.


mummy2paris - November 9

the uk cambridge to be exact sos for the typo xx


Tracey-uk - November 9

don't really have much input for you. i don't really remember anything about the s_x eductation we had at my school. i just wanted to say you are doing a wonderful job trying to help people. i've followed your piczo (when it was working lol) and i've also seen your bebo and i think you are doing a wonderful job of raising your daughter whilst still bettering yourself and trying to help other's. YOu should be very proud of yourself. x


kendra.marie - November 9

hey bec. im so proud of you. i know i feel pregnant at 16 almost 17 & i still thought i was young so many younger girls are getting pregnant; & it sucks. it sucks i have a best friend thats 18 she dropped out of school last year; & her mom just told her she needs to go to school & she wont shes due in dec with a little boy & her boyfriend & her aren't working together with things & i think they will be splitting after the birth. she got upset with me when i told her shes making excuses to not attend school; well he kicks alot & it hurts & this & that & i said krista your doing what i did. you not have education before his birth will only harm you after his birth & expecilaly if you two fight for custody which you fear will happen. hes got an education & job where you have neither; they will give you son to the best fit the one who can support & will support him. so you need o think. she got mad at me. & honestly i don't care. i don't want to see my friends STRUGGLE like i did at first but sometimes they don't listen just like i never did. alot of things need to change in US you can drop out of school at 16 i think they need to CHANGE that. nothing good have been better i had s_x with boyfriend after 5 years of being together that was a mutual choice & i dont regret it. =] but good luck babe.


mummy2paris - November 19

Any other input from you all i have another exersise to perform and a speech so anything you think is valuble let me know:>


kay101 - November 19

I think s_x education needs to be more about s_x and not just body parts. They simply discuss how a baby is made, like we didnt' already know. I think they should discuss birth control and condoms not just with the girls, but the boys too. There's nothing wrong with a male suggesting his girlfriend get on birth control. They should discuss options such as planned parent hood, because many girls simply don't get on birth control because they are afraid to tell their parents they're s_xually active. Have you ever seen the 40 year old virgin? There's a part in the movie where he's at the clinic with his girlfriends daughter and the woman is discussing alternates to having s_x. I really don't remember oral s_x being brought up either, but I've seen a lot of questions on here about it and I think they should let them know you can't get pregnant from oral s_x, but you can get std's. I also think std's should be talked about more. Show some scary pictures, discuss the effects of teen pregnancy on the baby and the parents. They need to get more real and in your face about it, not just point and say this is the s____m, this is the ovary any questions? It's been quite a few years for me, so perhaps things have changed but that's mostly how I remember it.


EMMA2 - November 19

Good for you Becca! Best of luck!


KidMiMi - November 19

sorry i can't be much help here i never took s_x ed in school ...


durante baby - November 19

Like kay said my s_x ed was too much about body parts and not about s_x itself. You would be surprised how many young girls think you really cant get pregnant haveinbg s_x in a pool or with the girl on top. I also think it shouldnt be a cla__s to turn kids away from s_x, because as soon as it gets into that, is when the students get bored. I wouldnt try to convince then NOT to have s_x but exlpain the safe ways of doing it and other s_xual activities that arent promoted but exclude the possibility of pregnancy.....Lol, and seriously speaking go on the internet and get some pictures of people with Herpes, and explain how ea__sy it is to get. Because of pictures and explanations on herpes. it made me very careful on whos drinking gla__s I drink from. It also opens a door to common sence on other STDs.....but man some of those pics are scary!


lisa mc - November 20

i got s_x education at school but feel if young people want kids there going to go out and get them. the majority of the cases seem to be from familys who are not well off and claim benefits rather than work. they are pa__sing this on to there kids who also think it is ok to have a baby and get benefits and a house provided. i personally feel more time should be spent trying to get people back to work to better themselves so there not pa__sing the fact on to there kids that if they have a baby they will get benefits etc. i mean how often do you see familys who work 9-5 and put there kids to college and university becoming grandparents?? yes it does happen but is extremely rare!!!


PreciousBaby19 - November 20

I had a child young, and even though it wasn't exactly by choice. I didn't have much education when it came to that because my mom didn't allow me into those cla__ses. She thought it was her right what i shouldand shoutl not learn about. however when i stated my period she shoved abox in my face and the instructinos. So i think that it would be nice to kinda be able to ahve the choice to go to these that others are more educated.


R__ - November 20

well where i went to school there wasn't an exact s_x ed cla__s but rather a Health cla__s which was required. The only thing I really remember them covering is all the STD's that you can get from having s_x. They barely mentioned abstience or anything else. just the STD's. most likely to scare us out of s_x? i don't know if this helps or not but that's the best that i got from school.


mummy2paris - November 20

Hey thanks for all your support:>. my exersise is based on not the actual s_x education but the emotional side to it all, i think that, that part is the most vital in teaching young adults to repect them selves and have confidence to use a condom and say no!! You can have all the knoledge in the world but if you and confident about it whats the use!!! I no i am only one person but these charitys are really trying to lower teen pregnancy rates and teen STD rates!! This speech i'm doing is with teenagers and there parents so i am very nervous as alot of parents think teenagers shouldnt be talking about any of this so i am sure ill be getting some negative responses.


GimmeaBub - November 21

It's amazing in autralia we were taught strong s_x education, and how to avoid getting pregnant and stds, ya know how they did it? They kept us focused on our goals and who we wanted to be, there was none of this take a home ec cla__s so you can learn how to sew, nope they really got you out there to experience what life has to offer, and i can promise you it worked, none of the students except one who rarely went to school got pregnant by year 12 and graduated successfully. So out of my enture graduating year so far 3 years later i have seen about 3 girls i know who are now mums, and most of them are working on mine sites in the army/navy, gone to uni or doing other things. Netherless you can still be a younge parents and aspire to greener pastures, like yourself. It's a matter of will and education. These days i feel it's portrayed alot in the media that having babies is the in thing eg. Cristina Aguleria, Nicole Richie, J Lo, younge women do not see that these pop stars have enouggh money to pay for someone else to raise their child. I once was friends with a 15 year old girl,who had problems fitting in, and low self esteem that she would have s_x just for the hopeof getting pregnant to fill i suppose a void. It's a shame. And when that didnt work she started telling everybody teachers adn friends that her step father was raping her, then denied the claims because she said it was all a dream. It was provenn that she was lying as all the time she said he had raped her he was working away. Younge parents can be capable but i believe alot more education would decrease the amount of unwanted pregnancy and teen mothers. No offence meant to anyone :) Baby Juice



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