Can I Still Be Pregnant Even Though I Haven T Gotten Any Of The Signs

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MM - August 5

The last time i got my period was 1 month & 3 weeks ago. My period is never this late. We started with no protection and then he put on a condom. He is worried that i might be pregnant from the pre-c_m. I've taken 2 home pregnancy test and they both came out neg. (1 line not 2 lines). I haven't gotten any of the "signs" of pregnancy, I don't feel sick or anything. The only thing taht i've noticed is that i am a little bloated and i've been getting stomachaches every tiem i play soccer which didn't happen before. My mom was talking abotu when she was pregnant & she said that she didn't get any of the signs either. Can i be pregnant even though i feel fine? Help!


Meagan - August 3

It's possible. My mom didn't know she was pregnant until late in the pregnancy. Go to the doctor and have a blood test or ultra sound done. God bless.


MM - August 4

Thank you.


Steph - August 4

it is possible to get pregnant from pre-c_m... although it's not very likely... the only sperm that comes in pre-c_m is that which is left in the tube that he urinates and c_ms through... if he's gone to the bathroom since his last ejacelation... then chances are... there are no sperm ... ( :-P lots and lots of research on that) ... if you don't trust the APT test... go to your docter and have him preform one.. some of the symtoms of pregnancy are cramps, sore b___sts, nausiea ( vomiting) and in some very rare cases... bleeding that may look like a peroid... the other reason yo ucould have missed your peroid is that your'e very stress or very active ... either way if you come up negative on two tests.. you should go talk it over with your docter ... good Luck


Shelly - August 4

MM, im 16 and pregnant, i didnt know i was pregnant until i was 5 months i didnt show i was until i was 7 months i had no signs of it, but good luck


philli - August 4

You havnt' stated your age but as a teen, periods can be irregular and for the first year or so of starting your periods they can be all over the place


MM - August 5

i'm 16 alomost 17. I haven't had a period be this late since i was 11 when it was normal for it to be this irregular. At first i tried not to think about it so much so i wouldn't be stressed but now that its 2 months i can't help it not thinkin about it. I also thought it might be cuz i am very active.. All June and July i would play 5 hours of soccer almost everyday but now its down to 2 hrs. 3 days a week... idk... ((thanx for ur help))


MM - August 5

Fellas i got my period today... :- ) Thanks for all your help. <3



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