Can I Test Yet

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Anxious - August 23

So I'm almost 100 percent positive that I'm pregnant. I was ovulating on the 16th and had unprotected s_x that day. If I took an early pregnancy test right now (the 23rd) would there be any chance of it coming up positive? I usually have a 28 day cycle (sometimes it bounces around though) and my last period began on the 3rd.


D - August 23

you can try their are sumw test that u can take 4 days be4 your period day


Smiles - August 23

IF you take use the urine from when you first get up, chances are that it's more accurate when you use the urine when you get up. You might have a chance of being pregnant sperm lives in your system for 7 days so if it's negative try again 10 days later. let me know what happen.


Grandpa Viv - August 23

I don't know of any tests that claim to be accurate 7dpo, though you might begin to feel early signs in the next few days if you are pg. Good luck


- August 24

Have you tested? I got a positive 7 days after ovulation, so it's positive. I used first response. Good luck, hope you get your desired result.


Anxious - August 24

I'm going to wait a couple more days before testing. When should I start having symptoms? I'm getting bad headaches and feel really ga__sy and bloated. Are those signs at all?


- August 24



- August 24



- August 25

The only real symptom that you would feel early is toilet frequency going up, nausea which can take a while to come on as well. Generally you don't feel symptoms till you are a few weeks in.


nessa - August 25

where u trying to get preg??>.and if no why would u ahve s_x the same day u r ovulating


Kayse - August 25

So if u starting having like PMS symptoms like a week before ur period and that was like five days ago that u had s_x youll probably get your period???? because im a little scared too but that was like the 21st and today is the 25th and i should start my period like not this weekend but the next so they would mostly likely to be pms symptoms right??


Anxious - August 25

Usually I don't get pms symptoms until about two days before my period. But I've been getting some period like cramps the past week, and i'm still a week away from my period. Can gas be a sign of pregnancy?



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