Can Piss Get You Pregnant

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Donny - October 4

My girlfriend said I got her pregnant, but when we had s_x she couldn't get me to c_m. So I just p___sed in her Instead to get out of my house. Is she lying?


m - October 4

maybe, but you definitely are


outraged but helping - October 4

if you took care of yourself and didn't go to the bathroom before you were with her then it is possible that your prec_m got her pregnant.As for p__sing in her that is plain ingorant.if that was me you wouldn't be haveing s_x with anyone for a long time.there always DNA test


dumba__s - October 4

You are an idiot!


omg - October 4

come on now p__s wut the hell u cant get no one preg from p__s un lees u did per c_m of she just playin ur a__s


gross wanker - October 5

right, firstly if you did prec_m in her then welldone, you gave it something to swim in!!!!!! your sick in the head, you dont p__s in your girlfriend. and she should have to get you to c_m! your sick and twisted, and is your girlfriend is that clever, she would know the difference too! go get yourself an inflatable! and leave s_x to the more grown up people


amanda - October 5

Well, first of all that is just sick, don't do that to her and if you cant ejaculate then just tell her and stop doing it. You could have gotten her pregnant from prec_m or she could have cheated on you. Nobody but her knows the truth, so confront her and ask her, if you think she is still lying to you then get a DNA test when the baby is born. and wear a condom next time so that you don't get anyone pregnant and if you cant c_m then you can pee on your self.


lucy - October 5

Just dont answer him! its not a genuine question. you can tell he doesnt care really coz hes added 'p__sed on her to get her out of my house' if that was the situation and you were really concered,that wouldnt of needed to be just said it to get a reaction and coz basicly u 4rt it was funny. dont waste your time on answerin stupid posts, he only wants attetnion. u give teenagers 2day fu*kin bad names...


Kate - October 5

Donny - this is a serious forum, for people who actually need advice. If you want to have a laugh, why not go to a chat room and tell lies for fun there? It'd be much more appropriate and you wouldn't risk upsetting anyone.


why - October 5

this is more of a general response for everybody.for people who acutally know something about s_x these questions are unreal even"stupid".some of them are not real and posted by board people.however there are teens and a handful of woman who don't have a clue about s_x and not ready for s_x.If this one is true go back to s_x ed.If it bothers you just don't read them or waste your time.let all the other fools


amanda - October 5

i know that a lot of these posts are not true, but i would rather give my advice just in case they are telling the truth. do i believe this post? no i don't, but in case its true i am going to give real advice because one of these days everyone's going to think that a post isn't true and it really will be and the person looking for advice will not get it. id rather look stupid for giving advice to liar then to go on a post accusing them of lying when I don't know that is absolutely true.


To donny - October 5

if this is the donny i know, your broke a__s gave me the clamydia. you idiot. stop p__sing in girls.



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