Can Plan B Pill Make Period Lighter

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daniel_a_s - April 22

Yes hi, I've been wanting to ask this question Me (male) & my girlfriend had a s_xual intorcourse (april 3rd) unprotected but I pulled out before I came, but she was worried so she took the plan B pill on the 3rd day after we have had s_x (April 6th) & she had her late period then when she usually gets it (a week late) but she had a light period she said, she got it Friday, Saturday, & she said it stopped Sunday, but then it came back Monday & finished Tuesday. She's been feeling dizzy, etc but this has happened before, even before we have had s_x for the first time, I'm wondering should we be worried if she's pregnant, cause there is "pre-c_m" and maybe that is the thing? I'm really worried, were a young couple still I'm high school, can someone please help us?


daniel_a_s - April 22

It is April 22nd today & she's getting this dizziness But it's happen before


Grandpa Viv - April 23

Confusing dates. Was her period orginally expected Apr 12th? In that case your s_x was outside the fertile window. Was her period originally due Fri 19th? In that case your s_x was close before ovulation and there is cause for concern. PlanB will mess with menstruation. The best plan is to run a home preg test next weekend using first morning pee. GL!


daniel_a_s - April 23

Grandpa Viv, no expected period april 4-7


daniel_a_s - April 23

She was supposed to get it April 5-6 But she didn't cause we had unprotected s_x April 3 & she took the plan B pill April 6 Then a week later April 12th she got her period, but a light period, 3-4 day period Side effects from plan B pill? She's been getting dizzy ever since Sunday April 21, but she's gotten dizzy a month before me & her had any s_x.


Grandpa Viv - April 24

S_x in the week before a period is due is not in the fertile window. Taking Planb goosed up her hormone levels and delayed her period. Two weeks after the delayed period puts her close to ovulation and the hormones involved with that could perhaps make her feel dizzy. No s_x until after this weekend if you want to stay away from this next fertile window. GL!


daniel_a_s - April 24

So should we wait till her next period?


Grandpa Viv - April 25

Wait for what - more unprotected s_x? Buy some condoms and maybe v____al spermicide to use with them. Read up on how to use and do so for every penetration. If you really think she is pregnant you could buy a home pregnancy test at the same time. GL!



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