Can Rubbing Of Genital Tools Cause Pregnancy For Virgins

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Johnlim - October 1

Ok here's my situation. My girlfriend and I were fooling around just recently.

What happened : we were rubbing our genital against each other. However we made sure that my tip of penis did not touch her vagina throughout the whole process. So basically I was lying down while she was on me and she was rubbing her vagina on the "shaft" of my penis. No contact with the tip or the opening of my penis. 

I did have precum however I did not ejaculate the few days before this happen so I'm assuming that my precum wouldn't contain sperm. 

Her period also just finish a few days earlier before this happened. Her next period is expected to come in about 20 days time. 

We are both virgins and we never had any penetration before meaning her hymen is still intact. 

We washed ourself up after we were done fooling around

because it's our first time getting intermate now we're both panicking if a pregnancy would happen. 

Should we visit the clinic or get birth control pills what do we do




Grandpa Viv - October 4

John, I don't think you did anything to cause pregnancy, but I am sure you will become sexually active pretty soon and a birth control plan is necessary. An intact hymen does not prevent pregnancy.

Have her download a period tracker app so she knows her likely fertile days and ovulation, then she can correlate physical signs of ovulation for grreatere accuracy. Sperm can last five days waiting for ovulation, but the egg is good for only one day after ovulation.

You can start by avoiding fertile days and using condoms plus vaginal spermicide the rest of the month. If her insurance will provide it the Nexplanon hormonal implant will protect her for three years.


Johnlim - October 5

Dear Granpa viv. Thanks for the reply. Basically I'm just worried that we may have been careless like maybe I may have touched the precum from my genitals and then touched her genitals. Someday or another we're just worried that precum may have reached the surface of her genital. In that sense what are the odds of pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - October 6

True precum is a lubricant from the Cowpers gland and contains no sperm. If your foreplay continued for long enough and you came close to ejaculation, I guess there is a chance of sperm being present. The description of your activities does not lead me to think there is a chance of pregnancy.


roronoauzumaki - March 14

Hi, I have the same case the only difference is that it was the "head" being rubbed for a few seconds. There was no ejaculation, I'm just afraid that there might be chances of pre-cum that may cause pregnancy.  Please respond because I'm really a paranoid person



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