Can Sex Push Back Or Change Your Period Cycle

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Jessica001 - November 21

hi everyone. I wanted to know if s_x can either push back or change your period cycle. I am not always 28 days regular. I usually switch around from 28, 29, 30 days. But it's been 4 days late (since the 28th day) and still nothing. There could be a chance that I am pregnant, but I have not been experiencing any early pregnancy signs at all. I will take a test in a few days to be on the safe side. But please, if you have had changes in your period after having s_x, please let me know. thank you


PreciousBaby19 - November 22

stress over a period can in fact delay a period, if it was your first time that could also effect a cycle. there are tons of things that can delay a cycle even for just a short week. Its a good idea that your going to take a pregnancy test. I hope you get the outcome you want. I would take it now since your already 4 days late. You should get a pretty acurate result. If its negative then wait a few days and repeat with another test. If itsstill negative and no period i would go to either a planned parenthood or consult your doctor. Goodluck.


lunamoo - November 22

Is this a trick question...? Of course s_x (especially unprotected) can "push back or change" your cycle. As a matter of fact, it can annihilate your period all together.....if you are pregnant : )


PreciousBaby19 - November 22

she was asking if s_x can change your period due date so to speak..she knows a period can stop it..but she thought maybe it would throw off her cycle so that maybe her period is just late...dont think it was a trick question.


PreciousBaby19 - November 22

she knows a pregnancy can stop it ***


EMMA2 - November 22

S_x does not delay your period neither does stress. What stress *can* do but unlikely is delay ovulation which in return delays your period. This is only true under extreme stress and exercising .


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

S_x can delay your period if you havent had s_x and were trying it for the first time. Stress can delay your ovulation which in term DOES delay your period. If she had s_x early in the cycle then there is a chance that she delayed her period from her normal cycle from all the constant worry. Other things can dlay your period such as constipation, your diet, and your exercising plan. Tooons of things can and will effect your period if you aren'nt careful. A few days late is alright because you can't expect your period to be right on time everymonth. If you just started your period a little while ago then it needs time to adjust and will probably be a little wonky at first. there are many things that effect your period so a few days shouldn't matter. however whenever your late and you have had s_x with a partner then you should just in case buy a home pregnancy test. and emma. It isn't unlikely hat stress delays ovulation. Its a very big chance. and even though stress is delaying your ovulation it does in fact delay your period for a few days..which is why i said stress can delay yur period. even then when ovulation is done and overwith. if she puts enough stress on her body then she can cause it to be even more late than it already is.


EMMA2 - November 23

PB , show me your solid evidence on where s_x can delay your period and i'll give you a million bucks! And thanks for repeating exactly what I said about Ovulation!


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

Umm I'm not here to Impress you Emma....and I wouldnt' give out facts if i didn't think it was important. I have been studied on my period by my doctor and i'm repeating the same facts she gave to me about certain circ_mstances. And i gave repeat advice...there is nothing wrong with that. It happens a lot. You say that you can't delay a period by stress...yet when you delay ovulation...YOUR PERIOD IS LATE..There are some circ_mstances that can effect a period after ovulation which i have already posted. She is getting my opinion and yours. not all information around the world is solid and all the same.


jezebel1018 - November 23

i know that it can cause mine to come early some times.


ChattyKathy - November 23

I confirm with PB. It is fairly common that when you have s_x for the first time (or after a while, perhaps?) that the woman will notice a change in her cycle. So, yes, it is possible that s_x has delayed your period. Good luck with your test.


AddysMummy - November 23

When I first had s_x my cycle was a week late.



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