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Tia-xo - May 9

Well I'm 13. I've had s_x with my boyfriend with out a condom before, i know i know. But he's always pulled out and none of it has ever been close. Me and him are just a little worried. We are still wondering if i'm pregnet. If I am, then its only like 2 -3 weeks at the most. My period is not due until around the 22 and my boyfriend said he can't wait that long he wants to find out now. He's very worried. I just need some one to talk too. Some one to answer my questions.. Pleaseee


cyndrz632 - May 9

I am 32 weeks pregnant and 15. I can help ya out if ya have any questions :) my email is


corinne - May 9

Pulling out is not the answer. Sorry for the lecture but you are only 13 years old and from what it seems a lot of people do get pregnant just from pulling out it is not a method. The only way to keep yourself protected from pregnancy is to use condoms and get on birth control. If your bf says he doesn't want to use condoms then tell him you don't want to have s_x. You will not know if your pregnant until you miss a period. So good luck and start using protection.


Tia-xo - May 9

I just started Birth Control my last period. If i was pregnet before then.. Would the Birth Control work?


corinne - May 9

Birth control can only prevent pregnancy not cause you to have a miscaraige. Didn't your doctor give you a pregnancy test before he put you on birth control?


Tia-xo - May 9

Nope.. because i only started birth control like a little while ago.. i haven't even been on it for a month so i don't even think its affective yet..


maren - May 9

No its not effective yet you have to be on it for a full month before it is effective.


corinne - May 9

So your saying your doctor didn't give you a pregnancy test. It is mandatory for them to give a pregnancy test when you get on birth control. No matter what your age is.


les22 - May 10

they do not always give you a preg test! they just ask when you last had s_x and if it was unprotected or if you think you may be pregnant. it is also effective as soon as you take it so long as it is taken on the first day of your period you dont miss any pills, take them late, or have an upset stomach.


maren - May 10

well thats not what the packets or the docotors say


les22 - May 10

i came off the pill for two months and went to my doctor for a new prescription of my pill and was told it works from day one as you dont ovulate til 2 weeks anyway and the hormone levels will be high enough to prevent ovulation. i was taking the combined pill tho. could be dif depending on type of pill


Tasha - bump - May 10

Hey sweetie listen you dont need to be lectured it looks to me like you know your mistake, afraid to say i was told my pill would take two weeks to kick in so i would advise you to use a condom as i got pregnant the same way! ask your bf to get tested too as if you dont want to use condoms ur playing with fire and you have to trust he would never cheat! but dont panick mate i am sure you will be fine GOOD LUCK!!!


Teen_Mommy - May 10

First of all even when he pulls out there is a little thing called pre-ejaculation which can still make you pregnant, in pre- ejackulation there are about a few thousand sperm. Secondly the earliest you can tell if you are pregnant is 5 days before your missed period by taking a HPT (home pregnancy test - I perfer you get first responce on because this is the onlt test that seemed to be correct on the test results when I found out I was pregnant) or you can also go to a doctors by yourself and ask to get blood taken for a pregancy test which they would do and is 100% correct. When you are there you can ask if they would not tell your parents, and if you could call them for the results the next day instead of them calling you. Hope all goes well.


Tia-xo - May 10

Oh my god. Thanks you so much guys. You've gave me some great advice :). I guess now i just have to wait to see if my period comes or not. Thanks again..


coda - May 11

you can only get pregnant 3/4 days out of ur cycle do u know when u had intercourse? also are ur periods regular u are soo young so missed periods wont always mean pregnancy try not to stress



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