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Carrie - August 10

I am 15 and got drunk at a party. My friend sent me home with this guy I had been seeing for about a week. My friend told him to walk me home but he took me to his place. I don't remember anything that happened that night but I woke up with only a Bra on in his bed at 6 am. I had what i thought was my period which started the next day and it went on for a bit and then stopped. I am on Birth Control for my acne and have never had s_x before. Or at least I dont think I have. I talked to him a couple of days later and He says we didnt have s_x but I am worried out of my mind that I could be preagnant. I miss birth control pills everyonce in a while and had been off of it for about 3 days before that night. I am back on Birth control and I just want to know if there is a possibility that I could be preagnant. I don't know weather or not to Trust this guy even though he swears we didnt ahve s_x. I made a vow to myself a long time ago not to have s_x in highschool and I plan on keeping that. If someone can give me advice or anything please help Im really scared.


SaRaH - August 4

I think that you are fine. You should continue taking your pills and stay away from alcohol if you do things that you are going to regret. :)


gloria campbell - August 4

hiya carrie, i know how u feel, that happend to me too, i suggest that you see a doctor becouse they might be able to do something to find out whether your a virgin or not!try and talk to your mom first though. she might be able to help too!


Carrie - August 5

Thanks guys, If i continue taking my pills and I am pregnant will it cause me to miscarry? Thanks for all the advice. I am relaly religious and I have prayed and prayed and am just waiting for an answer from God. I am really happy I found this site online because since i submitted my question i havn't been as scared


Shorty - August 5

Luv, not good..... if guys have the opportunity of taking advantage of a girl when they are drunk, chances are they will, but I dare say you are okay. If you are worried, I would take a test, but I remember my first time, and I did feel quite sore and tender... so if you did not feel that, you should be fine.


Carrie - August 6

It has been about 2 weeks. Is that long enough to take a pregnancy test?


Theresa - August 6

Is your period late? Then yes,Take one. I do not think your pregnant, but it's always better to be safe then sorry. I'll say a prayer 4 you. Good luck.


Carrie - August 7

Ive been taking birth control for so long I dont know when my period is supposed to be.


Theresa - August 7

Carrie, Well where are you at in your pack of Birth Control pills? If you are on the last week (the sugar pills) then you should be on your period. If so, & you havn't gotten your period yet, then take a test.


Tanya - August 7

You poor thing, never trust what any guy tells you, especially if he's a teenager!! Some men are DOGS, So sorry that happened to you, I feel for you, If you are close to your mom you should really tell her, I have a 7 year old daughter, as mom was there for me, i will be there for her too, if you can't talk to her, atleast try talking to a friends mom, might be easier, but I agree with gloria, talk to your mom.


Carrie - August 10

No I am not on my sugar pills but when I go on them and I don't get my period does that mean Im pregnant?



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