Can Someone Please Tell Me How I Can Get Pregnant

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zoe - September 1

i want to get pregnant. any advice? i've had s_x twice in the past 3 months and i haven't got pregnant. help!


Katie - August 23

How old are you? remember your posting on a teen pregnancy Forum. You need to take a good look at yourself a you ready to become a mum. You have only had s_x twice, it often takes years for a couple to concieve


zoe - August 23

i'm 15. i want a baby cos my mom had me when she was 16 and i know i will be the best mom cos i will be a young mother. old moms are wrong! i've had s_x twice. both different boys and i'm still not pregnant. what am i doing wrong?


Anon - August 23

hmm..right maybe its not the right thing to do to plan a baby at 16 years old and im almost 7 months pregnant(was'nt planned) but now i would'nt change being pregnant for the world.If you are really sure you want to have a baby now you need to have s_x at exactly the right time every month for you to become pregnant..for e.g if your periods come every 28 days,counting from the first day of your period you would have to wait about 14-15 as an example if you started you period on auguest the 1st (that would be day one of your period) you would have to wait 14 days which means you would have to have intercourse on either august the 14th or 15th. But please think about what you are doing before you do it and dont try for a baby unless you know you are totally ready. And another thing..does them guys you had s_x with know that you were trying to get pregnant?


Shorty - August 23

.....oooooowww... sit back and think for a min..... you don't want to do this! If you have no boyfriend and are just getting pregs to any guy that comes your way, you are asking for trouble and a hell of a lot of heartache. Most teenage mums are not becuase they planned it.. I am glad you and your mum get along really well and that you respect her the way you do, but don't you think you are running away with this idea. If your mind is made up, then it is best to sit donw and talk to your mum, and ask her what is was like when she had you.. then maybe you might think a little differently


Know it all - August 26

I ALWAYS keep it real!


[email protected] - August 27

Well I think if you want to get pregnant then you need to get checked? how old are ? just wondering Iam 17 and pregnant with my second child!!!!


C - August 27

Grow-up and get a clue-- Children should not have children!!


Tay - August 27

Why don't you ask your mom...........


ann - September 1

i'v been trying to get pregnant with my second child for 7 months and we have s_x about 12 times a month and we are still not pregnant so if i were you i'd try to get a little more in.


Someone - September 1

It dose not matter how much you have s_x, you need to have it at the right time.


Sharon - September 1

Zoe you need to concentrate on raising the kid you already have. You don't need another one. The taxpayers are probably already paying the one one kids you do have via welfare. Didn't you learn anything from your first mistake??


melissa - September 18

im trying to get pregnant with my second child


you need to wait. listen to my story - September 19

Hey I only had s_x 2 times and I was already pregrent. It wasn't planed, but 3 mo. in I lost the baby. I know I'm NOT ready for a baby, I'm also 15 yrs old. It was a BIG mistake I made and I don't ever want to make another mistake like that again. I'm not ready for no baby I'm only 15 you should wait till your 20 or older. You will have the money and support for a baby. You need to go back and think about that stuff!


sierra - September 19

how old are you?


Grace Temitope - September 22

I want to get pregnant this month Please enlighting I have married since last year October 1 since then I have been trying to get pregnant thanks


Viv - September 22

for Grace: you are most likely to get pregnant from s_x on Days 11 - 14 of a 28 day cycle. Ovulation takes place on Day 14 (sometimes you get a little pain on the side when this happens). You need sperm to be waiting for ovulation, or to come on the same day, because after 24 hours the egg can no longer be fertilized.



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