Can Sperm Last Long In A Condom

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teen1 - December 21

can sperm last long in a condom because i wanna get pregnant.


t - December 21

Just curious...WHY do you want to get pregnant?


teen1 - December 21

so i can look cool in front of my friends


Marena - December 21

Why would you wanna look cool in front of your friends? know having a baby is a full time 16 and i already have a baby..i have a beatuiful baby girl that is 2 months is very hard work my daughter wont sleep at night time its like when i wanna go to sleep she dosent..and when she wants to go to sleep..i dont..yea its nice having baby but trust me its hard dont want a baby a young age?trust me am learning the hard way..i gotta take care of my baby..and i gotta go to school...i am up half of the night.


to marena - December 21

whatever you are a bad mom being online and not spending time with your baby if you even have one


t - December 21

You want to never sleep in again, lose your figure, have flabby b___sts, and have other people treat you like you're an idiot for getting knocked up so young? You and your friends think that's cool? This has got to be a fake post. I don't think anybody can be that delusional.


to t - December 22

t you just wish you had friends.


Your Crazy... - December 22

I have friends that parents... yes they love there babies with everything they are. and gave a lot up. but they dont think they were cool to get pregnant as such a young age. PLEASE rethink that. you will give so much up if you do get pregnant now. You should think everything from your pregnancy to how you will provide for the rest of your life and your childs life,


jenn - December 22

sperm does not last for but a few hrs outside of the body.... but sweet heart dont get preg just to look cool. you really want it to be a positive experience in your life and doing it without the support of your bf and fam is very hard and depressing. please re think your idea and in the end do what you feel is the best decision... good luck and happy holidays to you and yours


2 the girl who wrote to Marena - December 22

umm am not tryna start nuthin with you..but you need to keep your mouth shut..and telling me am not a good mom..girl you dont know on here because my daughter is at her daddys ummm u feel shut up..estupido


t - December 22

"You just wish you had friends" No doubt about it, there are teenagers here! :)


to marena - December 22

why is your baby at her dads house why arn't yous together oh you can't keep a man ho i forgot your just a little girl you make up stories


t - December 22

I can see this thread is going to deteriorate into another insult-and-name-calling session, so if any of you girls want advice or support from an adult who WON'T talk down to you, just start a new thread and I'll check it out later. I'm off this thread...getting too silly...happy holidays, everyone!



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