Can T Ignore This Any Longer

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peacelovemj - February 13

what were your first symptoms and how early did you get them? i'm really really curious, because i haven't felt right at all this past week or so and i have a feeling something's going on but at the same time i feel that it's way too early to notice anything. my period isn't due for another week but i've had on and off cramps, something that i never experience unless i'm either on my period or during ovulation. and even then, it's for like a day. i've also been getting that naseous feeling randomly. it's not bad enough to make me get up and run to the toilet, but it's noticeable. on top of that i've been gassy and really exhausted. my body never feels like this, and when i'm sick- i get SICK. so i would know if it was that. i just can't stand playing the daily am i pregnant or not game. i wish my period would just GET HERE so i could relax. i'm only 17, and i'm really not ready for this....


Brittany - February 13

I didn't have any symptoms with both of my pregnancys, the only thing I noticed was sore b___bs with my first, I didn't know I was pregnant with my second until 2 months. Did you have unprotected s_x on or around your ovulation day?Take a test next week a few days after you miss your period, if you do miss it. If it's negative, be careful next time so you won't have to worry. If it's positive, the best of luck to you. I personally think there isn't an age to be ready, yea you can be physically ready for a baby but no one is ever ready emotionally. Age is just a number. Be careful next time if your not pregnant. Good luck to you!


ChattyKathy - February 13

One of the most common symptoms to have is just KNOWING that something isn't right. Not being scared and wondering "could this happen to me" but just knowing something is off. The things you described do sound like symptoms. You might notice an increase in symptoms during this week. You can test the day you miss your period, but its better to try to wait until you are a couple of days late. Good luck.



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