Can U Answer Fast I Have To Move So My Internet Will Be Off

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Hannah - December 13

is this a sign of pregnancy right okay well i have had unprotetced s_x but it was about 2 months ago we always use a condom anyway recenly i have been eatting a lot of junk food like crips chocolate things like that and when it comes to tea time or anything i just want crips not proper food is that a sing thank you alot i'm 15 and am not ready for this thanks again x


Bonnie - December 13

It's a sign of pregnancy but also a sign of your period. Most symptoms are the same for both. Take a test. :P


dont worry - December 13

hmm sounds just like a peroiod coming if u had unprotected s_x 2 months ago you would be about 10 weeks pregnant (count from the last period before you had s_x) and you would be noticing a lot more symptoms but if youre worried at all do a test will set ur mind at ease :) good luck


To Hannah - December 13

If you're having unprotected s_x and haven't had your period in 2 months you could definitely be pregnant. Not all women have symptoms. I'm 13 weeks with my first (I'm also 35) and still have not had any symptoms. I would take a pregnancy test if I were you and if it come out to be negative I would see your OB/GYN to find out why you are not getting your period. Also, Hannah if you do not want to get pregnant, why are you not using protection?


Hannah - December 13

hi again thanks for you inputs i will be on tomorrow then not for about a week or so so thanks for your inputs again and ive had my period this month my 1st one last month came early and was very light then this months was on time but still light and only lasted 4 days instead of 6 so could this mean i'm pregnant. And we didn't use protection because we didn't have one with us and it just happend i will most definit take a test when should be the best time? my next period isn't due until the 5 January when should i test thanks again for all your inputs i so glad you's answer thanks x


now - December 13

if you are ten weeks, you can take the test now. for best results, take it with the first morning pee.


lol - December 13

crips lol



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