Can U Get Preg On Your Period

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[email protected] - July 26

My bf and me had s_x when I was on my period and now I wonder if maybe I am pregnant. Can u get preg on your period?


Angela - January 29

Fertility relies on ovulation and some women can indeed ovulate during a menstrual cycle. It is less likely, but certainly possible. If you find yourself lucky enough not to be pregnant, I would strongly advise you and your boyfriend to use protection all month long.


A friend - January 31

Yes, you can get pregnant while you have your period if you have s_x during that time. I really hope you and your boyfriend used a condom or somehting. If you know anything about ovulation, you know that it can occur at anytime of the month and for you it might not occur unitl a few days before or after your period. Sperm can live inside the female body for 5 to 7 days after s_x (if you didn't use a condom). If you oulate 5-7 days after you period you might still be pregnant.


SEAN - January 31



Adilene - February 1

I had s_x when i allmost finish my period and i been feeling sick everytime that i eat i feel sick


Adilene - February 1

My boyfrind didn't use a condom and i was finishing my period i was bleeing a little and i been feeling sick...


Sarah - February 9

im only 14 but i have had health and thats the only way you cant get pregnant


Natalie - February 10

yes you can get pregnet on your period.


Natalie - February 10

Yes you can get pregnant on your period. even when you are almost done with your period you can still get pregnant.


stacie - February 18

at the beggining and ata the end


Shey - March 20

Me and my boyfriend had s_x and the condom broke but we didnt know it broke then when he came it got on the floor right in front of me but i am worried so should i worry


katie - March 20

yes because when you are on your period your eggs start to get ready for sperm to enter


darya - March 21

yes you can!!!!


katasha hill - March 24

I had s_x then and my boyfriend spermed then 4 days later my period started


Kialinn - March 24

i think because we went hard


lehna - April 1

how long untill your preg, do you get symtoms?


Sharon - April 4

I am a teenager and I would like to know if I could get pregnat at anytime I have s_x with my boyfriend?



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