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sara b - May 23

It has been 7 weeks since my LMP and I have an IUD. I have had three negative HPT's and the dr. lost my bloodwork.... (great i know). I went for an ultrasound today, both transva___al and abdominal. In the abdominal ultrasound I clearly saw the outline of my uterus with IUD. Above the IUD were three, YES THREE!!!!, black round things. The tech started drawing arrows to them and I just couldn't help myself anymore, I had to ask. As soon as I asked she told me she coulndn't tell me anything and turned the screen away while she labeled them. After this she started the transva___al and kept the whole machine down by my feet where I couldn't see a thing. Has anyone ever seen anything like this during early pregnancy? Could I have cysts in my uterus? Cancer? I'm freaking out. Please tell me if your babies looked like this at 6 1/2 weeks. I could deal with triplets, just not anything that's going to kill me. Thank you all so much


midnight_drift - May 23

I had a little black circle, and a whiteish thing in the middle, but it was VERY small, and I was 10 weeks. You might be having triplets. =).


sara b - May 23

Wow midnight. I had a dream I was pregnant with triplets and lost one. This was even before my period was late so i thought I was crazy, especially since I have the IUD. I went back and looked at my daughter's first ultrasound but that was one day shy of 11 weeks and it was a 4-D high tech u/s. She actually looked like a baby. I'm going to do some research online but here's to hoping its babies and not fibroids or something worse. Best of luck and congrats.


sara b - May 23

Also I was wondering if you have a pic from that first ultrasound that you could post somewhere so I could see if it looks like what I saw? Thanks a million. So far you are the only one who answered me.


Corrine321 - May 23

Like midnight said you might be having triplets! Thats what it sounds like!! Thats very weird that your doctor wouldnt tell you or let you see the u/s! well Good Luck Sweetie!!


sara b - May 24

It was acually the tech who wouldn't let me see. I think this is because there was no doctor present. My guess is HIPPA laws or hospital regulations prevented her from giving me the news. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna be freaking out for the next 24-48 hours. LOL. THanks Sara


Ddvinson3 - May 24

Sara my first ultrasound was at 6 weeks. My baby boy was just a little black dot with a white circle in it. Keep us posted and good luck triplets would be awesome! Well to me they would! But I hope everything works out and it's babies not anything bad.


midnight_drift - May 25

I don't have a picture from my ultrasound, because the doctor didn't give it to me, but I am positive I can find either a friends or something to post for you.


midnight_drift - May 25

And before I go do that, I suggest you just go to and type in "6 week ultrasound" That would be a lot more informative!


Lillie E - May 26

i hope everything goes ok. keep us updated... i have an iud and i would love to know whats going on.


Jamie-Lee - May 26

Copy and paste this,I know,it's long but it might help.


sara b - May 31

I'm still waiting for answers. I called about the ultrasound report and the nurse said "everything looked fine." that's all my report says!!!! She didn't know if that meant I'm fine, not pregnant or if it means the babies are fine. Ugh!!! Its now 8 weeks since my LMP. Can't believe its taking this long to get answers. I picked up another HPT but I'm scared to take it. I guess I'll see if I miss this period, too. Thanks all.


sweet16ash - May 31

Reading your post about your dream made me remember when my mom was pg with my bro. She had a dream before her period was even late that she was pg with a son and then a week later her period was late and 9 months later she had a son. (where we live they won't tell you the s_x) HUGS and wishing you the best. Have you went to the doctors yet since this post is a week old now?


sophandbob - June 1

If ever you feel unsure about something you have seen or heard at a dr or hospital appointment - you should make sure you ask every question before you leave. I think it is odd that she could discuss the possibilities. Did she say when you'd get the results?



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