Can You Get Pregnant If He Doesnt Blow In You

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safj - May 3

me and my boyfriend have had s_x about 7 times without a condom but he didnt blow in me cas we were only going for about 5 minutes is it possible that a could get pregnant? i am really scared because im only 16.....can any1 help


Rachel0510 - May 3

Try safe s_x next time (condoms, birth control, or ABSTINENCE) if you don't want to get pregnant.


frankschick2001 - May 3

He didn't "b__w" in you? Nice way to put it. Yuck.


linzee - May 3

its possible. there is such thing as pre-c_m that leaks out and contains sperm just like if he were to ejaculate inside of you.


mharper - May 3

Yep. You can get pregnant. Thats how I got pregnant. He didnt come in me, he pulled out way before, but.. yeah. now im pregnant. So.. You should use a condom next time.


Shauna - May 3

The first three of you sure are direct.... maybe you should go onto the ' I can do no wrong ' thread. Who are you to judge. I can get pg from any v____al intercourse and I know of someone who got pg when he didnt even get inside of her. Good luck I hope you are not pg because you dont sound like you are ready yet. Please use something from now on.... babies are wonderful for those who are mature enough to raise them. No offence to you at all, in fact I would like to say good for you for asking Qs.


EricaLynn - May 3

Wow Emma, I think you might need a chill pill, or some midol or somthing. Safj yes, you can get pregnant from prec_m, especially if you have s_x during your ovulation days, take a home pregnancy test if you miss a period. Oh and Emma she isnt a little child. Alot of girls loose their virginity around age 16, many of them more, and "little children" arent aloud to drive. 16 year olds may not be as physically or mentaly mature as some one in their twenties or thirties, but they are not little children.


EricaLynn - May 3

^ Thats a typo, it should say many of them are younger when they loose their virginity.


Corrine321 - May 3

Okay, Rachel, Frankschick you are being very very rude! This girl is scared! Its a good thing shes asking questions, then keeping them bottled up inside of her! So please be more respectful next time.. SAFJ-I'm 15 and 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant... Its a very scary thing but i dont wanna scare you, but yes it is possoble that u could get pregnant that way... Wait if you get ur period (dont stress about it cuz that will make ur period come later) then if you dont get it or ur late, take a HPT (home pregnancy test) if you have msn feel free to add me if you wanna talk XOXO!!


Corrine321 - May 3

The top is to Emma also! u were being very rude also!


Shauna - May 4

If you are over 20 don't come onto the teen sites unless your here to help. I am 29 and here to listen not to judge. Alot of my friends were teen moms and they needed 'adults' to talk to and didn't have them. Corrine321 good luck with your baby. You sound like you got your head on straight.


Rachel0510 - May 4

Ok, since I'm not a teen, I guess I better leave. Are you serious? I know this is a teen site, but just because someone is "not a teen anymore" is not fair to tell them to not come in. And I'm sorry corrine321 if you thought I was being rude. Sometimes that's the only way you can put it - whether it's rude or not.


EricaLynn - May 4

Im not trying to be rude or fan flames, but Emma people usually dont want your opinion. They generaly want your advice. Like when I first got pregnant I went to a nurse pract_tioner, and she was all bent out of shape because I got pregnant and Im keeping my baby. Well I dont care about or want her opinion, all I wanted was her advice to her best medical knowledge, I dont care what she thinks about me or my situation. Most of the girls on here are the same, they want your advice, support if youll give it, but not negative put downs. Girls in our situations are very vounerable at first, I know I was scared. Your knowledge is way more important than your opinion.


Emma2 - May 4

Opinion and advice is the same thing .......I can tell you in my opinion that having s_x 7 times unprotected and then being afraid is non sense and my advice is dont have s_x 7 times and be afraid of the consequences ...see my point? I was a teen and I did some irresponsibly things but not over and over and i really dont know what else to say at this point......


EricaLynn - May 4

Advice is usually the result of research and facts, opinion is just what you think. Advice - having unprotected s_x 7 times can result in pregnancy, and can be scarey . Opinion - Having unprotected s_x 7 times and then being scared is wrong (bad) (unholy) (whatever adjective you want)


K-Lynn - May 4

Emma you are very rude!!!!! This girl may not be educated on bc. Who are you to talk about how proud her mother may or may not be? Do you know her mother, family history, or HER for that matter? Then who are you to judge? No matter how many times she's done it, fear is something she can feel. It's an emotion!!!! Were you ever a teenager? How many do you know (that say during intercourse) "gee this is really scaring me?" That's just something most people think about afterwards!!! Give her a break she needs advice, not to be treat like an idiot!!!


K-Lynn - May 4

Oh and Emma, Shauna said "Don't come on here if you're not going to HELP the teens who need it." So read the posts correctly before you respond to them!!!



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