Can You Still Get Your Period If You Re Pregnant

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almostdidit - December 6

is it possible to be pregnant but still have gotten your period? my period was abnormal and lasted only two days... it was light. is it possible to still be pregnant? i had s_x just 7 days before my period started late. i'm so confused...


grow_up - December 6

If you are pregnant, you can bleed lightly as the egg implants in your uterus. This typically occurs 6-12 days after s_x. Once the egg implants, your body begins producing a hormone called hcg which is what produces the positive result on a pregnancy test. If what you experienced WAS implantation bleeding, a pregnancy test would produce a positive result. The only real way you can find out is to go take a test.


EMMA2 - December 7

No, you CANNOT have your period while pregnant. A period comes along after ovulation has occured and the egg was not fertilized thus shedding your uterine lining(a period). What some women experience is light bleeding or spotting during pregnancy and it is not related to a period. I am not a believer in implantation bleeding it has not been proven to even exist.


tia_s - December 8

yes u can have one my mom had her for 5 months


Grandpa Viv - December 8

Emma is right, but I wish she would cut the girls a little slack. For most, a bleed and a period are the same thing. S_x 2 weeks before your period was originally due is the highest risk. A light bleed instead of a period is one of the signs of pregnancy, but there are many others such as tired, peeing more, unusually ga__sy, lotion discharge etc. Take a home preg test next weekend first morning pee if you are still concerned. Good luck!


jennifer_33106 - December 8

While I dont believe you can have a true period during pregnancy, implantation bleeding does in fact exist. I had it and am almost ready to pop. I guess I have proven it does happen and it does exist.


grow_up - December 8

If imlantation bleeding has not even been proven to exist emma, why do so many medical websites and gynocologists say up to a third of women experience it? I suppose you don't believe in ovulation bleeding either?


renaye - December 9

you so can bleed when you are pregnant my sister had her period (I WILL CALL IT) till she was 5 months just like TIA_S mom


treshala - December 9

you can bleed MONTHLY after you are sure its not normal nor does it happen often but it DOES happen to some people out there. My best friend bled every month like her normal period until she was about 20 weeks



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