Cant Keep Her

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annabelle - May 23

im 25 wks preg with a baby girl but my parents say i cant keep her. what can i do??


shaz - May 23

how old are you?it should be your choice but i dont know your situation.


Grandpa Viv - May 23 is a good place to start. You need to decide if you are looking for an open adoption where you get to have occasional contact with your child, or the regular adoption where you lose track. Most adopting couples do not care for open adoption because they fear the birth mother will create complications, but if you look around you will find some. Giving your child for adoption is a hard and courageous decision. In the long run it is a win-win-win situation for mother, child and adopters. Good luck!


N - May 23

What do YOU want to do?


Coral - May 23 sorry but old are u ......and i mean ur parents cant really make u give her up shes your baby... if u really want to keep her and think u can do it by your self make it known let ur parents kno u want this baby and ull do everything for her.... my moms kinda flipin out at me cause she thinks im pregnant or heard that im pregnant from i dont kno .. but hey I DONT EVEN KNOW YET lol she told me if i was she would come up from florida to canada and remove the baby her self lol soo just be thankful u dont have her as a parent lol so maybe what u should do is hav a long convo. with ur parents n tlak about it ....nice COOL and CALMLY bcause if your under the age of lets say .....17 u need to prove to them that ur ready todo it .....and then give them some time to calm down also... add me to msn or email me ..with more info if u want to talk more good luck - Coral


jenn - May 24

Annabelle, The choice is yours...she is your child. I don't know your situation; however if you should choose to place your baby for adoption. choose an agency that offers you all the support you are going to need.My husband and I want to adopt and have chosen an agency that offers the birthmother alot of support and counseling. I feel this is very important. feel free to email me if you have any questions


annabelle - May 24

hi thanks for replys well im 14 and getting preg was a total mistake it was the 1st time and only time ive had s_x and it was at a party. the dad is 17 and he knows now. my parents say i got to give her away becos i cant look after her and it will ruin my life. but i dont want to give her away i feel her kick and im getting used to her bein there. i dont know what i can do becos it breaks my heart when thye say i got to give her away :-(


Grandpa Viv - May 24

Yep, one of the hardest things to do is to carry a baby for 9 months and give it up at the end. That is why folk here have to go to China and other places to adopt, places where life is so hard that another child would affect the welfare of the older siblings. There's a good chance that your mom will bond to the baby if you can just get her to hold it in her arms for a few minutes after birth. Maybe they will not be so insistent after that. Good luck!


Jen - May 24

You do what YOU want to do! I had my first baby when I was 18 and my parents also said I couldnt keep the baby and would disown me if I did keep her. They called an adoption agency and got everything together. The only thing they let me do was pick out the parents I wanted to raise my child. I lived in west virginia and as soon as i graduated my parents sent me off to Iowa (there is family in Iowa) so I wouldnt have my friends here influencing me to keep the baby. The day I had to leave the hospital without my baby girl was very tramatic and changed my life forever so please do what you think is right for you! I am now married and pregnant with another baby girl due in July.



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