Cant Sleep Think Im Pregnant Please Help Im 15

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jenna - November 11

hi i had s_x about 2weeks ago now after coming off my period. we did it without and i kno that father also 15 would hate a child. i really wouldnt know wat to do with 1 ( i kno it selfish and i deserve everything i get because i could of sed no) but now im realli scared. Im finding it hard 2 sleep jus wondering about it. yes he did c_m, and it was the day after coming off. please help, i dont feel about to get a pregnancy test as i kno wat people would think if i went to buy 1. Im so irresponsible! please please help


Ah well, in that case.... - November 11

By all means, since you are too embara__sed to buy a test. Let us look up your uterus and let you know. ~Looks~ I'd say you are pregnant. And that a___logy is a good 50/50 shot.


Tara - November 11

Hi Jenna. There is no way to determine if you are or are not pregnant without a test. There is no safe time to have s_x, you can get pregnant at any time so you will need to go get a test to find out for sure.


h - November 12

well if you hate to have a kid then why did you have s_x without a condom in the first place? little kids are stupid these days


Jbear - November 12

If you're mature enough to have s_x, then you're mature enough to buy a pregnancy test. Who really cares what the cashier at the grocery store thinks of you? And buy some condoms while you're there. It's about $6 for a box of 12, and that is SO much cheaper than a baby or an abortion.


T - November 13

As JBear said, buy a pregnancy test. BUT its too early to do a test yet. Wait another week. And if its negative dont do another test. Because if you believe your pregnant when your not, it can mess up your periods. So do a test and talk to someone about this. Possibly a best friend, your boyfriend or even a close family member who wont tell anyone. Also check out the nearest pregnancy clinics to you so you can get some advice and a free test when its time to. :o)


Shelly - November 15

Jenna, talk to an adult that you trust. This sort of emotional subject is much better dealt with one on one in person. You need some personal, caring support right now. Take good care of yourself by finding someone right away. Open up to them-- you will feel much better, and they can help you solve your problems.:)



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