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lilmomma88 - June 22

OK girls I tried castor oil after hearing from thousands of people it works..but NOTHING YET! Whyyyy??? I think it's just my luck...:-(


Jamie-Lee - June 22

I'm being stupid here but what is castor oil?I've heard of a lot of girls taking it to bring on labor...


ChannY - June 23

Hey, I tried them to bring on labor, but didnt work..I wouldnt try using much of that because it goes to your baby's and he/she might have diarrehea from I tried a lot of walking and squatting and it helped bring on my labor.


lilmomma88 - June 23

castor oil is a's supposed to stimulate the uterus and cause contractions. it didn't work for me! i wouldn't suggest's nasty and causes bad gas


Amanda551 - June 23

castor oil is not a laxative as such and it does not stimulate the uterus. Castor Oil upsets the bowels causing them to contract often resulting in severe tummy cramps and diarreorhea, It the bowels contracting that can jump start your uterus into contracting... Its not all that effective but most people after taking castor oil (liquid form Not capsules) will a__sume they are in labour as it can cause pretty servere tummy cramps.


lilmomma88 - June 23

actually it IS a laxative thank you it says so right on the bottle


Jamie-Lee - June 25

It sounds kinda dangerous to me.I heard walking is a good way to bring on labor.


lilmomma88 - June 25

hey... its not dangerous..i asked the pharmacist and the OB and they said its safe just not recommended because the baby is not ready yet obviously if it hasnt come out. it didnt work for me anyways!


BabyG - June 28

all right My name is Jessica i am 19 and have a 6 month old son. I did drink the castor oil and i really regret it now. i went in on my due date to have the stress test done and later finding out that there was maconium in the fluid... he had pooped. which ment i needed a C'section. thinking that i put my baby in danger was scary after scedualing a cs and my water breaking on its own, canceling the cs and getting induced 26 1/2 hours later and 2 1/2 hours of pushing my baby was born he was fine but i just suggest not it was very scary for me and wouldn't want anyone else to go though what i did! Best of luck



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