Chance Of A Virgin Becoming Pregnant From Pre Cum

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curlytops - January 17

Hello grandpa viv.


i'm a virgin and I'm worried if  i will her pregnant from having my boyfriend's penis rubbed in my vaginal opening and clit up and down several times. He also fingered me but he said his hands are dry.


We did it 2 weeks after the 1st day of my last mens. Please help. :'( i dont know if this i'm feeling is pms or pregnancy signs and symptoms. It's been 1 week now after we did it.


iamkyla - January 19

my bf rubbed my private part near at my opening. he didnt penetrate me. he most probably released his precum while doing it. it was during my ovulation period i think. my period is irregular so im kinda lost. anyway,  i got dressed after. theb while sitting beside him.. he ejaculated. no semen at me at all. but im worried about his precum his last ejaculation was days ago. and he peed many times before we did it.



will i become pregnant??? 


Grandpa Viv - January 19

Curly, ovulation is about cycle day 14 so this was not a good time to experiment. The description of your activity does not suggest any sperm were released in your vagina, but if they were then early signs of pregnancy could start a week later and get more noticeable as the next period approached. If your next period shows up light or missing and you have several early pregnancy signs it will be time to run a home urine test. I'll talk more with you if you wish.


Grandpa Viv - January 19

Kyla, true precum does not contain any sperm, it is a lubricating fluid from a different gland. He was not close to ejaculation when he was rubbing there, so i think you are safe. These experiments go a littlee further each time. Learn about "physical signs of ovulation" including fertile mucus, cervical position, ovulation cramp and BBT charting so you can get to understand your body better in spite of the irregular cycle. Buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide of your own, keep them ready for the day you decide to go further, and insist on their proper use.


iamkyla - January 19

grandpa. do you think i have a high chances for being pregnant??? 


curlytops - January 19

Grandpa viv,


idk if this is pms but i'm experiencing nausea and urge to vomit but idk if this is because of pms or ovarian cyst or pregnancy or the grade of my eyes adjusting. I also experience menstrual cramps


before, i had 2 ct scans and shows there's a lump in my uterus. Undergone PETscan and not cancerous.

I am totally confused now. I'm so scared. I can't be pregnant if it is just foreplay right even if i'm fertile? A very small chance close to 0. There are a lot of factors I'm considering and this might be psychological but I'm still terrified. :'( please help.


Grandpa Viv - January 26

Curly, sorry I have been gone so long - went to the Women's March. Yes, the chance is very small though feelings of nausea are worrying. How are you doing? Has your period come or have you been running pregnancy tests?


Grandpa Viv - January 26

Kyla, the chance is very small. It does not sound like any sperm were present. How are you doing?


iamkyla - January 26

hi grandpa. it is my 13th day so far from the day it happened. i took a hpt on the 10th and says negative. I still dont have my period though so Im worried. Im actually on medication since December. I came to see my doctor who gave me some supplements for my hormonal imbalance last sunday. He doubled my intake and now he told me to take one not two tablets anymore coz it might have caused the delay of my period. He doesnt know about the incident coz i was with my mom and i cannot open up.


just last night, as I wiped ti see ny vaginal discharge.. i saw a tiny stringy yelloe discharge that looks loke a snot. Idk what it is. and it is making me worry even more. 


do you think the results Im getiing from my hpt is reliable enough to conclude that im really not pregnant. im actually nervous to take an hpt a little bit later. its 1:34 in the morning here now. so i might take it later around 5am. 


Grandpa Viv - January 27

Kyla, the chance of pregnancy is extremely small. The medications you are taking may be confusing the issue. Run another pregnancy test a week after the last just to make sure you are OK. When this scare is over you really should talk to your mom about getting on birth control. She would surely prefer that to the prospect of a grandchild too soon.


Eco212 - August 20

Grandpa viv ,

 My girlfriend and I make out last July 13 because of curiosity but we didn't sex, just experimenting, she and I are still virgin , i just rubbed my penis on her Vagina but I don't know if I precummed , and it repeated July 15 and when I rubbed it again longer I felt that it will come out, so I pulled my penis out and I cummed on my hand ,I didn't remember also if I precummed, then July 17 it's her period until July 22 

And now August 20 she didn't yet have her period, and I'm scared if she is pregnant, any advice or answers grandpa ? Because I'm extremely scared 


Grandpa Viv - August 20

Sex in the ten days before the period is not in the fertile window and should not cause pregnancy. Research fertile window and signs of ovulation. You will soon become sexually active. Please get condoms and vaginal spermicide on hand against the day you decide to go all the way. 


barrackobama - August 30

Grandpa Viv,


Before laying out my story, please forgive my stupidity and ignorance, I know I'm an id**t, a complete id**t. Now, to the story: After my gf's period ended, we had unprotected sex with surface penetration for a few minutes, not a deep one, without ejaculation, her hymen is sitll intact. As far as I know, precum does not contain sperm, or if it contains, it contains very small amounts. I did not ejaculate prior to intercourse. The most I'm worried about is the following thing: after 3 to 5 days after those episodes, from what I can remember, we were foreplaying, and I stuck it in her 1-2 times for 2-3 seconds and then took it out, the problem is that I ejaculated 1 or 2 hours prior to this. From what I remember the were next to none amounts of precum, plus she did not secrete any of her lubrication so I assume the environment remained hostile to the sperm that MIGHT have gotten inside. What are the chances of pregnancy ? Her menstrual cycles are quite irregular and that does not help at all..... and we've both been stressing about this for the last few days, thus maybe delaying her period, not helping our cause at all.


Grandpa Viv - August 30

Barack, what you did was not high risk. She is not telling of any early pregnancy signs. I think you are safe this time. You are becoming sexually active and need condoms and vaginal spermicide on hand. Be careful, be prepared. 


barrackobama - August 30

Thanks for the response! So what about the missed period ? Could the sperm from the urethra be pushed out during those very few seconds ?


barrackobama - August 30

Oh, and the time that I stuck it in her, my penis was wet rather from an earlier oral, not so much from precum



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