Chance Of A Virgin Becoming Pregnant From Pre Cum

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barrackobama - August 30

Oh, and the time that I stuck it in her, my penis was wet rather from an earlier oral, not so much from precum


Grandpa Viv - August 30

The missed period is likely due to hormones upset by her sexual debut. The most risky thing you did was enter her not long after masturbation. Please stop taking risks. Run a home pregnancy test if she develops any early pregnancy signs, if only to relieve your worry. 


barrackobama - August 31

Thank you for all the answers... so what about chances, low, medium, high ? Even if sperm had entered her, I doubt they survived the journey in smaller numbers than what's normal....


Eksanity - October 20

Hi gramps are you still following this thread


Grandpa Viv - October 21

Hi Eksanity, I’m still around. What’s up?


Eksanity - October 21

My girlfriend and i have s*x this october 18 . It is not a totaly s*x tho cause we are both virigin . I did not penetrate her that deep . I only enters the head of my p***s in her . But before we did it . I urinated and wipe all the precum on the tip of my p***s . And suddenly shes always feel tired. She changes mood so quickly . Is there any chance thats shes pregnant? Because we are not ready yet and were both scared . If that thing happen we will suicide together . Pls help us :( thankyoi


CherryQuelzx - November 3

I have a question, is it possible to get pregnant from precum rubbed against my vagina because my boyfriend just only rubbed against it, and im still a virgin so is it possible or not


Grandpa Viv - November 3

Virginity does not protect you from pregnancy if semen gets to your vagina. True pre-cum contains no sperm so in this case you are safe. Please buy some condoms of your own for protection in case you decide to try more risky experiments 


CherryQuelzx - November 20

I have another question, if I had my period, does that mean I possibly may or may not get pregnant? Because like I said from few days ago, my boyfriend rubbed the pre-cum against my vagina as in I didn’t have sex but rubbing against and I’m a Virgin. Does that mean I can get pregnant or not. Please answer ASAP!


Grandpa Viv - November 21

Cherry, a normal period is a pretty sure sign you are not pregnant. True precum will not get you pregnant, but if there was semen mixed in and it got between the lips of your vagina, there would be a chance of pregnancy even if you were a virgin. 


Eksanity - November 21

Granda viv . My girlfriend got her period for 6 days . But still im worried . Is it possible that she's still pregnant ? Or is it implantation bleeding ? Do implantation bleeding last for 6 days or can implantation bleeding fill up pads ?


Grandpa Viv - November 21

Eks, implantation spotting is minor compared with a period. A normal period clears the decks. I hope you have invested in conforms and vaginal spermicide, and she has downloaded a period tracker app to follow her most fertile days. 


Eksanity - November 24

Gramps . My girlfriend consumes 15+ pads when her period came last nov 6 to 12 . Is it implantation ? She have a period that last for 6 daya but . My problem is it is not continously. But it was heavy tho . Cause she fills pad. If you fill pad . Is it implantation or period


Grandpa Viv - November 26

Eksanity, that was a normal period. She has no early pregnancy signs. She is not pregnant. Run a home pregnancy test if you want more confirmation. 


CherryQuelzx - December 1

Grandpa, I have a question, if my boyfriend cum in my mouth and I removed it by tissue, then my boyfriend suddenly lick down my vagina, is there a chance if i can get pregnant? I am very worried and scared


Grandpa Viv - December 2

Cherry, no chance. It was your mouth that had the semen, not his. 

Each month your experiments are going a little further. Why not get some vaginal spermicide to slip in before the games begin. When you decide to go all the way make sure to have condoms on hand and insist on proper use. Download a period tracker app so you learn to avoid the most fertile days. 



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