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asura - November 21

I am 19 years old. I fear that i may be pregnant. I am not positive yet, so i dont want to get myself worked up. my boyfriend(of 21/2 years) and i are s_xually active. we usually use a condom,and i am on birth control as well, but we have had s_x when he didnt use a condom a few times. I know that my chances of being pregnant are low because i am on birth control, but what are my chances exactly? is it likely that i am pregnant? I am showing several signs of pregnancy. thank you in advance for your help.


rikku - November 21

birth controls are about 97% most likely to work. do you really think you can be pregnatn with the other 3%. i was on pills but i stoped and i think that they work for sure ^_^ you could just have bladder infection but just to be sure take a test in another 2 weeks. if you want more infor on bladder infections just ask and i'll try and get full detials for you. it can be cured and you can't spread it around to it's all safe. it just means that when you have s_x this little byg gets pushed into the bladder more times you have s_x that is whyt hat bladder infections are common in females.


asura - November 21

thank you, i will get that checked out. i am just worried because i am not always consistent with my pills. i tend to forget often. and i try to catch up, but that is hard


Audrey - November 21

Asura- Since your bf didn't use a condom on a few occasions I suggest you get yourself tested for STDs as well. Some can have similar symptoms to urinary tract infections but can make you infertile.


Sammie - November 21

my friend has a beautiful baby girl nicknamed chloe the miricle baby, she was concieved while her mother was on birth control pills and her father used a condom. the father thought the mother was had an affair when chloe arrived, but a paternity test proved him wrong. unfortunatly he left (insert abusive word here) but he doesnt know what hes missing out on. so it is possible... rare but possible


asura - November 22

thank you guys. I apreciate the responses. i am going to get checked for an std and a bladder infection. sammie, you scared me a bit. so i am going to get a pregnancy test as well.



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