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pregnant teen - October 20

Hi ladies I'd like to chat and get advice from women who are actually pregnant, and are actually around their teenage years. You are the ones that will understand what we are all going through. Are there many on here who have had previous pregnancies and births? I'm sure that we'd all love to hear your stories. Like most, I'm a little worried about giving birth. Where are you all from btw? Anyone from Australia?


Ceceliasmommy4L - October 20

Hey! Welcome to the forum! I am 16 years old be 17 in September. Im from Tennessee! I have plenty of experience in the baby category! Ive got all girls, 3yo almost 4, 2yo, 11 month twins, and found out i was preggo last week! If you have any questions at all! Just post 'em i will keep a close eye on this forum so you can post questions. How old r u??


to Ceceliasmommy4L - October 20

not to sound rude or anything but dang how did you end up with so many kids so young? and how do your parents feel about it??im 16 and pregnant with my first baby (a girl) and if i ever got pregnant again i think my parents would kill me...


Casey - October 21

hey Ceceliasmommy4L, i have a question, i got what looks to be my period but its lighter and alot darker blood could i still be preggo? i hate unprotected s_x wen i was ovulateing?thanks u can email me [email protected]


To Ceciliasmommy - October 21

you need to stop having s_x


- October 21

CASEY - re-read the last statement. It was not aimed at you. I'd suggest an apology would be a good start.


ha! - October 21

Casey take your own advice and think before you write! That message wasn't even to you. Want to know how I know that? Because it says "TO ceciliasmommy" duuh


CAROL - October 21

People, you need to back off. So what if a lady here has four kids? This is her choice! Why hate on her? Aren't we all here for support from one another? A lot of you girls seem a lot more interested in tearing people down. Shame on you.


LOL - October 21

you must be loose


Cecelia Has Problems! - October 21

Cecelia, take a chill pill (and a birth control pill while your at it). No one said not to have s_x with your boyfriend (although tell him to wear a condom already!). No one said to stop having s_x, just stop having kids! You may not know this now, but your kids will probably grow to be pretty embara__sed of you. Different fathers I bet. My boyfriend's mother had him at 14, and then had two more children later in life. All three from different fathers. Believe me, the fact that his mother had him so young embara__ses him to no end. When he was a kid, the otehr kids on the block used to call his mother a s___t always teasing him about her. This breeds resentment. For the sake of any future children...DONT HAVE ANY!!!


CAROL - October 21

Ladies, refrain from commenting on Cecelia. No doubt, she will never return to this board, thinking we are trash. It doesn't matter how many children she has; this is her decision. If she wanted to hear you guys tell her to use a condom, she'd have asked. Back off. A 17 year old with four kids needs support, not a lecture.


Monique - October 22

hey everyone I'm 17 and 28 weeks pregnant ....I was really scared at first because I had no clue what to do but I realized my family and my boyfriend are here behind me 100%...


Natalie - October 22

maybe we should scarp this page and start a new? without all the horrible comments?


pregnant teen - October 24

sounds good natalie! will do



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