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pregnant teen - October 24

Ok how about we start that again. I didn't think that was going to end up going like that. Hi ladies I'd like to chat and get advice from women who are actually pregnant, and are actually around their teenage years.(up to 20) You are the ones that will understand what me, and many others are going through. Are there many on here who have had previous pregnancies and births? I'm sure that we'd all love to hear your stories. Lets try and keep this chat a bit less aggressive. I know that we are all pregnant and hormones are raging, but lets say nice things! Not mean things (especially opinions on amounts of children people have had already).


Tara - October 24

I'm 15 and 7 months pregnant. This is my first pregnancy.I'm due December 21.


Laura - October 24

well my periods were a day late and only lasted 4 days instead of 6 i seem to pee more, eat more, moan more, feel tierd but then at night can't sleep, feel sick but never really sick, the other night i had very small bits of blood when i wiped but when i went to the toilet again it was gone i just want to know if i'm pregnant my af isn't due until the 5th nov so let me know what you's think thanks a lot


Vickie - October 24

heya, i'm 16 and 39 weeks pregnant...its my first pregnancy, and wow its scary! anyone given birth recently? xx


melissa - October 25

Laura- you could be, but the only way to find out is to do a test. That'll give you a sure indication. Vickie - not long now!! How exciting! Do you know what your having? Are you planning on having any painkillers? Tara - How are you? Do you know what your little one is? You havn't got much longer either. I'm not due till March 5th and it seems like a whole world away. Tara And Vickie - How are your families with it all? Is the guy still on the scene too?


Tara - October 26

I'm having a boy, my mom's fine with it now but i think she was more upset because i hid my pregnancy until i was 5 months. Yea my boyfriend he's still in the scene. He's been buying baby clothes and he bought a ba__sinet like last week.


Ann - October 27

I am 17 and Monday I found out I was pregnant well I have not told my parents yet. I am due on the 25 of June so I am only 5 weeks, the 29th it will be 6. I was wondering when I should go see the doctor and when I do dose my mom have to be there? also what kind of prenatal vitamins is the best? thanks and best of luck.


ashley - October 27

im 15 yrs old... and i havent had a FULL period since july 21. cuz i got off my bc pills. and it messed up my period. on AUG.30 & SEPT. 3 i could have gotten preg. no protection / no pulling out immedatly / and no bc. and i kno i could have gotton preg. cuz all my eggs were released because i stopeed takin my bc pills. i have all the symptons exept for vomiting.. i feel nasuea almost all day. ive had 2 postives [ witha faint line ] and a couple of negatives. im confused and i dont kno what to think. but my b___st are bigger more darker and more veins. i have a pooch in my belly if i am i wuold be 9 weeks Oct. 26 or Oct. 28. if u think i am. please email me. cuz im reallly confused [email protected] please thank you VERY much _ashley


melissa - October 31

Thats great Tara, glad your guy is still there. And seems like he's rather excited about it too. Hi Ann. Welcome. With your question, I'm not sure whether your mum has to be there. I'm 19 so I didn't. I don't think it would be compulsory. Organise your first appointment for about 12 weeks. Just make sure you don't have too much pain, as if there is, there could be a problem. Is your guy still on the scene. When do you plan on telling your parents? I think I was only 5 weeks when I told them. They will appreciate it so much more if you trust them enough to tell them early. Do you have plans to keep it? etc. Hope all is well


Gina - October 31

hey im 17 and 7 weeks now and i have really bad stomach cramps but the doctor said the baby looks healthy. did any of u have stomach cramps?


CAROL - October 31

Yes, but it's probably constipation. Pregnancy hormones slow down intestinal peristalic activity, and as a result, pregnant women are often constipated. It can definately cause cramps.


shantell - October 31

im 15 and 5 months pregnant.yes this is my 1st pregnancy


melissa - November 1

Hi Gina, yes I had cramps very badly. Actually felt like I was getting my period non stop for about 5-6 weeks. I had the cramps from week 6 till week 12. I'm now 22 weeks but still occasionally something gets caught and I get those feelings again but it does go away. I thought it was something going wrong but was rea__sured that it was just ligaments stretching to let the uterus grow. So don't worry about it unless it becomes very painful. Shantelle - when are you due? How has your pregnancy been going?


Samantha - November 1

Hey! I am 17 and 19 weeks pregnant. I am having a boy & I'm really well as scared. I didn't have any sickness or anything. No cramps, no cravings, nothing bad. I have gained about 10 pounds so far...putting me into size 7 jeans, no maternity clothes yet. I eat all of the time, but I haven't gained too much weight. My baby weighed 9 oz. last Friday and was beautiful. He was definitely proud of what God gave him! He showed us real willingly. Lol. It was amazing. I was originally hoping for a girl, and I had a name picked out (Madisyn Avery Marie) but now I am super excited since he's perfectly healthy so far! His name is Zaine Alexzander. I can't wait until March 28 when I get to see him!! If anyone wants to talk, my email is [email protected]


Danielle - November 2

i am 16 and 16 weeks pregnant as of nov. 1 this is my first pregnancy. i'm due april 18 2006 i totally know what yall mean by the cramping, i get worried somtimes cuz i think somethings wrong with the baby but the dr. always tells me its the weight of the uterus growing and i dont know about anyone else, but i am still getting morning more like all day sickness everyone i know said they had it for like two weeks but i've had it since i was 6 weeks so i've been getting sick for 10 weeks now. and the dr. said if i keep losing weight cuz of getting sick, i'm gonna have to take these meds that i have to be ob bed rest for it, and i still have school to think of so lets hope for the best! sry so long i just really dont have anyone to talk to. i dont find out until like end of december early january what i am having, hoping for a boy!


letisha - November 2

hi im 15 and 35weeks pregnant with a little girl my man still here and all is good but if anyone could answer this a.s.a.p that would be great. im feeling very sick like morning sickness but with out the vomiting also i feel light headed and my hole body is realy saw.


shantell - November 3

i've been feeling my baby move inside my stomach and everything.Now im 6months pregnant as of today.I feel more tired then alittle more than usual.Im having a little boy.



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