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shantell - November 3

i've been feeling my baby move inside my stomach and everything.Now im 6months pregnant as of today.I feel more tired then alittle more than usual.Im having a little boy.


Manda - November 6

I am 24 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy.


cherry - November 6 26wks pregnant and have only just turned very happy and think young mums are great.i am due on 14th feb.valentines and my partner are getting married in two having a girl.


shantell - November 8

im know 6months pregnant and i can tell when my babys moving. i go for my ultrasond on nov 11 i hope they tell me that im having a boy i really want my baby to be healthy but i be around people that smoke and i dont know if its harming my baby.if you have any info for me please e-mail me at [email protected]


melissa - November 9

shantell - smoke is bad for your bubs, pa__sive smoking as well. it's best to stay away as much as possible. congrats cherry - hope the wedding goes well. how exciting! letisha - i feel sorry for you. i hope you aren't too bad. i'm not sure what it is but i guess as your getting to the end, everything will start to hurt. and i guess the nausea might be from your baby pushing up on your stomach. but i can't say for sure. i hope you get better soon. hope the rest of you are still well. keep up the chatting!


M - November 9

I just gave birth 7 weeks ago, it was scary, painful (until the epidural) and exciting!! My daughter is the best thing that happend to me even though im only 17


shantell - November 14

the doctor told me that my cervix might be too small to have a v____al pregnancie.she said she was going to watch my cervix for the rest of my know 21 weeks along.


Vickie - November 14

i had my baby girl! she was born by ceaserean on the 4th Nov, she weighed 8lb 10oz and shes the most beautiful thing ive ever seen! lol, but i wud say that =) shes only 10 days old and its if you are ttc...plz think seriously about it! xx


shantell - November 14

Congrats on your new baby expecting a baby gurl too.cant wait to see her your luck the dead weight is finally off of you


Britty - November 14

I'm 17 and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. If anyone wants to email me or add me to msn messenger I would appreciate it. I just need someone to talk to that understands what I'm going through. My email address is: [email protected] , Please dont take offense to my addy. that was my past.


Britty - November 14

Has anyone had an abnormal pap while they were pregnant? I have to go get another one done tomorrow but im nervous.. Is that going to hurt my baby??


Jodi - November 14

Im 16 and 13 weeks pregnant. I'm due May 24 & I've already had my first ultrasound. This is my first pregnancy. I'm starting to get over the morning sickness but my back hurts BAD! I wear a size 0 in jeans so my belly already shows... I'm trying to keep myself optimistic about the whole thing but I'm scared to death. My boyfriend tries to be supportive but he doesn't want it at all.. I can understand where he's coming from but I'm pregnant like it or not.. anyone else thats having the same problem?? my email is [email protected]


shantell - November 15

vickie congrats on you new baby gurl.what do you mean by ttc!


shantell - November 15

ive been having heart burn for 4 days straight is that a bad thing.i dont see the doctor again until dec 2.any advice


Mia - November 16

I had my baby boy jacob lee on friday. ooooohh it was sooooo painful!!!!!!! i got an epidural thank god but i could still feel all the pressure!!!!! my mom and esp my dad wanted me to get an abortion and when it got 2 late they wanted me to give him up for adoption. But i stuck at it and my mom came round. My dad didnt speak to me until i came home from the hospital. he ignored us til jacob cried and from then on hes not been able to resist him!!!! anyway my emails [email protected] if anyone wants to talk


melissa - November 17

Shantelle - the heartburn is normal unfortunately. If it gets too bad, go see your local doctor and they can tell you what to take for it. I've had it since day one, now 25 weeks in (or 23 weeks of heartburn) and still going. I'm expecting that it's going to last the whole time. I got some tablets called zantac double strength. Tastes terrible but works brilliantly and I can actually work through the day without dying of pain. Goodluck. Hope it gets better soon.



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