Cheryl S Update

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Cheryl - August 5

I finally have new pics on my website. And pics of my husband on there finally. I am still working on pics of my sister and brother. Sebastians new pics are on there as well. you have to type it in just like that for it to work.


Cheryl - August 5

An easier way to find it. Type in Cheryl Baquera in your search engine. My personal page is the page to my website.


Kay - August 6

Cheryl your son is gorgeous!!! I hope you find another baby soon. If you want to talk here is my email [email protected]


MomaB - August 8

Cheryl I would like to talk to you email me [email protected]


GOOD LUCK! - August 8

I hope u find a baby to adopt, ur so pretty and so is ur son. U seem like a good person with a good heart. GOOD LUCK!


Cheryl - August 8

Thank you ladies.


Mandy - August 9

Your seem like a nice person I hope you find a baby. Good luck


Sonja - August 9

Cheryl, your son is sooo handsome. I love the puttin on the ritz picture with the hat. And your family looks really nice. If I ever considered adoption I would want a family like yours to adopt my baby.


Lace - August 10

For anyone considering adoption for their baby, I know cheryl personally. Her family is wonderful!!! I used to live with them and she is a wonderful mother!!


martha - August 10

Hi cheryl, I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful son and a very very good looking family.I would highly recomend you to some one who was adopting out!


Tory - August 10

you look like a very cute family. I will keep my ears open for you. If at anytime I know somebody that is looking to adopt out i will mention your name. I will also give them your websiteand email address.


Cheryl - August 10

Thank you everyone for your support. Your kind words are so encouraging and they mean so much.


MomaB - August 10

You people need to leave Cheryl alone she is a really sweet person and a great mommy. And whoever chooses her to adopt their baby is going to be very lucky to have such a wonderful family for their baby.


Cheryl - August 10

Thank you MomaB.


Emily - August 12

Cheryl, your family looks really nice. I think it is great that you have a multi-cultural family!!! some people only want an all american blond hair blue eye child. I am glad to see there are families out there like yours who are open to other races.



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