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babyonboard16 - January 19

okay dont yell at me but i smoke does anyone else?


hailey07 - January 19

DO NOT SMOKE! since you are pregnant you need to kick that habit to the curb now! it really upsets me when pregnant women jeopardize their baby's health like that. i recently miscarried my baby and i coudn't imagine how guilty i would feel if i had smoked during the weeks that i was pregnant. you are not even supposed to be around smoky areas when you have a baby growing inside you. that baby is depending on you to make its environment safe. this is the best reason you will ever have to stop smoking! if you quit now, you will not only be helping your unborn but also your toddler, child, teen, etc. your smoking will affect your baby's health not only when it is in utero but also after its born. please quit NOW! you have no idea how lucky you are to be having this baby, i was not lucky enough to have mine and it was the most hear wrenching experience of my life. believe me you will feel so much guilt if your baby as any smoke-related health issues. treat that baby right and quit smoking


tennesseewlkr07 - January 19

I did before i knew i was pregnant but i have asthma and my doctor said that the baby will eventually put pressure on my lungs and its already hard for me to breath and the cigarettes will make it worse, and it can cause low birth weights, but second hand smoke is the worste it can cause cancer for the baby later in life


freebird - January 19

You really should do your best to quit. My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me (30 yrs ago people didn't know as much as they do now) even though she cut way down while pregnant and I was born very premature and almost didn't make it (I was in NICU for 3 months) Both my parents continued to smoke and now my sister and I both have breathing problems and neither of us ever smoked. We both have asthmatic bronchitis and constantly get respiratory illnesses frequently and have to use albuterol almost daily when sick. Also, after the baby is born if there is a smoker in the house it increases the risk of SIDS. My mom quit when i was a kid but my dad smoked for 30 years and he's had 3 heart attacks and the doc said it was all from smoking.


tyler0323 - January 19

Preaching isnt going to help you quit, and you have to want to quit before you can get the will power too quit. Im not gonna tell you its not good for you or the baby, because im sure you know all the risks. Talk to your doctor about your options since there are lots of resources out there to help you quit. There is also a good book out there that has been very successfull in helping people quite, it called The easy way to quite by Allan Carr. Its a 20 dollar book and well worth the read. Good luck to you


abriamiacadia - January 19

Its true smoking is bad for the baby. But My friend smoked...and she just had her baby. its doing pretty good. My sis. in law, smoked w/ all three of her kids..they are healthy..and trust me THESE girls didn not have low birth weight. They are still overly heavy. But they could just be the lucky ones. =D


hailey07 - January 19

well i'd say you're lucky then. what exactly did you think people were going to say when you post that you;re smoking while pregnant? and what part of me telling you how lucky you are did you not get? from someone who cannot have a baby, it makes me very upset to think that you are putting your baby at risk. if you're so educated then why are you smoking? hmmmm.... maybe you should take it from someone who is older and also knows a bit more about a healthy pregnancy than you do obviously. have a little respect for someone who is trying to help and understand exactly how much of a gift you have, that I don't. i'm sorry if you think that you're being "b******" at but try and grow up. stop being a typical hormonal teen and understand that people are trying to help you, you can't be a normal teen anymore and believe me i feel for what you are going through... pregnancy is hard enough dont try to make it harder for yourself. a happy healthy baby is such a blessing and joy, please think about the baby.


AyameLovesXion - January 20

It really isn't good for you nor the baby. I mean look at all the people getting lung cancer from smoking, and the baby gets it too. But my mother smoked with me and my sister and obviously we turned out fine, BUT I have asthma.. and so does my sister..


abriamiacadia - January 20

Im not jumping down your throat. You asked, so i told you that my sis in law and friend did. I'd advise you against it during the pregnancy. But I know how hard it is to quit just because..from experience. =D


Rhiannon - January 20

Wow. babyonboard16, you sound completely uneducated and your language is unappropriate for a mother. What else do you do that's horrible for your unborn child??????


hailey07 - January 20

I agree... I think that you are acting immature. A mature, responsible mother would not put her child at risk. Smarten up, grow up, and deal with the facft that you don't know everything. If you could just set aside your teenage know it all and realize that people are trying to help you. Obviously you were concerned about smoking or you wouldn't have posted a question... fdid you think people would support you in this act? Read the package honey, there is a warning for expecting women on it.... do you think the surgeon general would lie?


babyonboard16 - January 21

Okay, I can respect if you find me immature, or if you think that I do other things to my child, just to let you know at 6 weeks when I HAD quit smoking, I had a lot of complications and was on bed rest until a week ago, that means I was on bed rest for almost 20 weeks and even the doctor didn't expect the baby to make it, so excuse me for having a lot of stress on me. I have cut down a lot and I am not what you think I am. I am not drinking, doing drugs, or anything else just to give you that information, I have been extremely careful and if you have a problem with the way I am screw it, I don't need drama anymore than you do.


AyameLovesXion - January 21

Personally I don't think it's right for you to smoke during pregnancy hun, so I hope you quit, for the best of your baby and you. Second hand smoke is horrible, as well as smoking for YOU. Good luck. Besides, it smells a bit, don't you think?


BabyGirl15 - January 21

Well . . . I'm not going to jump down anyones throat. I smoked through my entire pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl at 9lbs. So as far as the '' If you smoke during pregnancy, your most likely to have a premie baby' i personally think thats a load of you know what. Because a 9lb isnt a tiny baby in any means. Shes completly healthy . The only advice i can give you is cut back , because in all reality it's not the best for yourself and your baby . I managed to go from half a pack, to 1-2 a day. It was easier to cut back when i went on mat leave. G'luck hun


AyameLovesXion - January 22

I hope you didn't get offended by /my/ post cause really I was trying to be nice x_x; But also I mean you gotta look at the effects, you can get wrinkles at your lips, discoloration of your teeth, wrinkles at your lips.. looking older sooner... I dunno good luck, hope you do what's best for not just the babies health but your own.


hailey07 - January 22

respect your child and I will respect you.


Meghan - January 23

Iam still smoking and i am 32 weeks. I ct back alot though but my midwife told me if i was to just stop my baby could have a stroke or go into distress. my mum smoked with all three of us and we were all over due and all over 8 pounds. the main thing is to not smoke in your house after the baby is born and to wash your hands after each cig because it can cause SIDS.



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