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Maya - February 21

if anyone who is scared and needs to talk then just ask a question


?? - February 22

how old are you are you pregnant or have a child???


becca - February 22

dont mean to be rude but your 11 what the hell would you know and what advise would you ACTUALLY be able to provide and you not pregnant then why are you on this site at 11 any ways???


u there - February 22

well maya answer us


maya - February 22

well i'm very intelligent for my age. i read a lot and i think i could be very helpful and becca i took up for u when people talked**** about u so.........


salie - February 22

maya, how are you? do you have msn messenger? if so please add me ([email protected] is my sign in name)


maya - February 22

i'm find but do we knoe eachother


salie - February 22

maya no we dont


becca - February 23

well what do u want me to say o thanx i dont need people to stick of for me i can do that my on own an ur 11 you dont no anything to be fair you probably havent event hit puberty!!! we should be the ones giving you advise


RE:Maya - February 23

Do not contact Salie. This person is all over the place posting to anyone and everyone. Asking every girl to email . Never really telling who they are or what they are doing here. Salie lied to me. Do not trust this person.


maya - February 23

yes i did hit pubity. thank u very much so becca shut up


becca - February 24

honestly you cant know anything about this because your 11 and i find it funny that you think you can go back to playing with your mates and stop comming on here thinking your mature when clearly you dont know what your on about have you started ur period had s_x been pregnant had a baby gone through labour and birth know about morning sickness the risks of labour the things that can be wrong with a baby how to look after one how to b___st feed change nappys i could go on so go away you dont need to talk about this stuff your only 11


uhoh - February 24

Becca you really are starting to become a right b___h.


becca - February 24

how am i becoming a b___h she really dosent need to know about this stuff she is 11 she should be having fun not tryin to be something she isnt im not tryin to be horrible to her but what sort of advise could you really give??? you havent been in any situation so you wouldnt know


?? - February 24



ggbggg - February 24

some people have jobs to do


maya - February 24

becca i might not have experienced labor, birth breasfeeding etc. but i know alot. so while don't you get of this sight and go attend to your child and stop minding my freakin business



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