Close Your Legs

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Keep your legs closed! - April 29

I think all you teenagers these days need to close your legs and not have s_x. It is horrible to see how many of you are having s_x at such young ages and getting pregnant. If you are going to have s_x use a condom or DON'T HAVE SEX!!!


monica - April 29

b___h plez. u cant tell em what to do. if they wanna have s_x thats there business not yours. and i am also pregnant myself


Baby girl - April 29

Monica is right. It's not like we are actually going to listen to you. Im 14 and having s_x and just because you are saying its horrible to see young girls pregnant im not going to stop. So just shut up


Berly - April 29

Ok let me just say I am not much older but I am 21 and I started having s_x at 14 with or without anyone elses consent. I have a mind of my own and could do whatever I wanted to. So what I would like to say is yes if you are going to have s_x be smart about it. I understand stuff happens but realize that it is your responsiblity not that those of you pg teens haven't but lets face it some don't. As for whoever wrote keep your legs closed... What a way to be here for our teens to help or encourage them. Your a wonderful role model!


Mommy2Kylie - April 30

I laugh when people use that 'close your legs' comment. People can have s_x with their legs closed. Damn fool.


katie - April 30

being honest its nothing to do with you...if we want to have s_x we will hav s_x and if we get pregnant (which i am) it also nothing to do with not bein mean but its the truth anyways xxx katie


autumn - May 5

wow, someones lonley.


Ca__sandra - May 5

Good God.. Grow up!


Maegan - May 6

i really appreciate ur bashing the pregnant teens on a site FOR PREGNANT TEENS go some where else bit.. all i need is support


becca - May 6

hmm. heres some advise y dont YOU close yor mouth!!


manda - May 6

as this is a teen preggo site a have to agree with!


Daisy Jean - May 7

Let me say this instead: Ladies, if you are not already pregnant, please take care of yourselves and practice safe s_x so that someday you can have babies in a life that is ready for them. Your choices can make your life easier and more comfortable. If you are already pregnant, good luck to you and keep your head up.


Very upset - May 7

I think it is sad that these teens are having s_x. I know this is a teen pregnancy forum, but I have to tell you girls that your screwing up your life! Really, I had s_x for the first time when I was 14 years old. I didn't even know the guy, I had just met him. I then got a boyfriend in school and dated him, sleeping with him for about 4 years or so. I ended the relationship when I found out he was cheating on me all the time. I then just went from guy to guy trying to find someone to love me. All that ever happed is that I had s_x with these guys and never spoke with them again. Many of them I had just met, I always went out and told the guy I was 19 and all they care about is s_x, so thats all that mattered to them that I was over the age of 18. I must have had God by my side throughout the years taking care of me. Because I didn't get killed going out with these men. I got pregnant when I was 21 and then being drunk and on drugs I had an abortion. It didn't really bother me that I had an abortion till I was 35 when I got pregnant with my husband. That's when I realized that having an abortion is not right. I did the right thing for me at the time, but through Gods eyes it is murder and I have asked God to forgive me. I was selfish. But God stuck by me and I finally settled down at 30 and had my first child at 35 years old. If I could go back in time, I would erase all the people I slept with in the past. All the times I put myself at risk for getting a STD for getting raped or killed! Thank God things turned out, but many don't get that kind of luck. Teen girls need to take care of their bodies and realize that they are not only harming themselves but those that love them. I have prayed many times to God to forgive me of all the terrible things I have done. I would NEVER go back in time to relive my teen years!! I would only go back to change them, to go to school, make good grades, graduate, go to college and get a great paying and enjoyable career, then have settled down and had children. I wish I could go back and change things, but I can't so the only thing I can do now is appologize to the Lord and let him know that I am sorry for things I have done in my past, but I am now in control of my future and I will not let him down. I hope this helps some teens out there. That even if things are difficult now, with God by your side, you can live your life right. Bless all of you teens.


candy - May 7

to very dont necisarily screw up their lives..i had a baby at the age of 16 and now i am married , own my own business,and i dont tell them things that arent ness. true...u achive what u r willin to achive...


becca - May 9

lol cheers manda look ok i dont no y ur upset we all have s_x it happens so really theres no point loosing sleep over it



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